Aftermath of a Tragic Weekend

Posted on January 11, 2011


Hard to imagine you could find anything more disgusting or more tragic then the shootings last saturday of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others. Six of those victims died including a 9-year-old girl and a Federal Judge. Ask yourself all the questions I did. How , why and what can we do to prevent this from ever happening again. You sit there in a state of shock at what you are seeing. And you think , my God it can’t get any worse. But it has. And it didn’t take very long for it to happen.

The left , in one of the most disgraceful moves ever, has found a way to blame the right for the shootings. They have come crawling out from everywhere to put there spin on the events that happened. And in traditional left fashion, they haven’t waited to get the facts or the truth before turning a most tragic event into some political non sense. How anyone can be proud to call themselves a liberal in this country is beyond me. They have wasted no time in putting the blame for all of this squarely on the Tea Party and the Republicans and have missed once again the real problem. And why? I really can’t say. But I do know what it looks like. It looks like it always does, like a bunch of 5 year olds who have no real understanding of anything , pointing their fingers at the only people they know they can fight.

The statement they are making over and over is, “the rhetoric” from the right is causing people to become violent. What sane person would even make that comment? What type of person would give a crazy person a justifiable reason to act crazy? And what type of person would point a finger at their political opponents and blame them for something they know full well they are guilty of. There is no one way street when it comes to “rhetoric”. Both parties in our political arena have been doing the same things for many , many years.

Why not address the real issues about the shootings. The biggest of which would be  why was this kid walking around and not one person thought to get him the help  he so desperately  seemed to need. If the reports are correct, this was a 22 year old with known problems. He was even removed from college classes because he posed a threat to others. The police knew he was a troubled youth. All the people around him knew. AND NOT ONE PERSON DID ANYTHING FOR HIM.  Which is to say, not one person did anything to protect the entire community, from this obviously disturbed individual. Why was that? Because the truth is, how? How does a school or an individual go about getting help for someone like this?

Next, some of the left jumped all over the gun issue. We need to stop the sale of all guns. Then this would never have happened. AGAIN CLASS, GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, ALL BE IT CRAZY PEOPLE. Stopping all people from owning a gun is not the answer. Stopping the wrong person from owning a gun is always a good thing. But they couldn’t help themselves, the weekend event has them all calling for gun control. Again, not the answer and not the well thought out remedy. Just the same knee jerk response to the problem they always have.

And where does that put all of us? Again with our elected officials fighting over nothing that will  help and nothing getting done. Same crap, different year. We’re going to hear all about the music, and the video games. We’ll hear all about getting all the guns off the streets. But we will not hear anything about the fact that some people are mentally ill and in desperate  need of help. We are in need of a system that can identify some of these people at an early age. We need better communication between all parties to get these people the help they need.  And yes we need one standard across the whole country to purchase a hand gun. Not to deny everyone the right to do so, but to make sure that those who should not , cannot. We need to make laws that mean something when it comes to the use of a gun in the commitment of a crime.

Now lets get to the real problem. Is this really what we have elected these people to do? Fight over votes and pointing fingers and passing out blame? Or did we send these people to Washington to find answers and to act responsibly in the face of this type of tragedy . It is just sickening to think the best that these people are capable of is to call each other names and not find the solution to this countries big problems. When is enough, enough? Its time to force these people to do the job they were sent to do. And it is definitely to start to consider  term limits for members of Congress. Maybe if they were only there for the  2 cycle term, they would stop the BS and get down to business. Maybe then things could get done and there wouldn’t be time for all the lies and the childish finger pointing.

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