Just Another Friday

Posted on December 10, 2010


The fight in Congress over extending the Bush tax cuts is at best, flawed. If you believe one side of the argument that it will cost 700 billion dollars, then you have to assume that the 4 % raise in taxes to the upper 2 % is guaranteed  income that the Federal Government will receive. Second you have to work under the assumption  that the tax base they are drawing the numbers from will not change. But the biggest flaw is that it is going to cost anyone anything. It is a projected amount they could receive , not money that they will lose and have to replace. You can’t lose what you do not already have.

So in short, there are no tax cuts being proposed for the wealthy or the poor. This is about raising taxes. Not cutting taxes. Do we keep the tax rates as they now stand for all people, or do we keep them the same for all people except the upper 2 %.



The United States rank 25th in the world in student math skills. American teachers refuse to give up tenure. They are not interested in even discussing merit pay for teachers or linking student performance to teacher evaluations. Is this one really to hard for someone to connect the dots? They all agree that being payed more money to do a job they are not doing all that well will solve the problem.

Maybe some of the problem stems from teachers using their job as a means to promote their own agenda. The liberal agenda is running rampant in schools in this country. But the truth is, you weren’t hired to promote your side of anything. Your sole purpose is to provide a clear and factual unbiased view of what the world is. Your job is to teach and give students the tools to make their own choice in everything they do. Maybe if you spent more time doing the job you were hired for instead of pushing your own agenda, math scores would be on par with the rest of the world.


The Health Care Bill.  Has anyone read the Bill yet? Besides the 222 corporations and unions that have gotten waivers.


And now back to the circus. Sen. Bernie Sanders is still talking. 8.5 hours and counting all to protest giving tax cuts to the wealthy. And again, they are not getting a tax cut, they just aren’t getting a tax increase. Bet he hasn’t made one mention of that fact yet. But if he would have spent half this time looking at the tax code as it now stands, he could have come up with hundreds of ways to make more money then he will ever see from that 4 % hike he is so angry about not getting.