Federal worker pay freeze

Posted on December 5, 2010


First lets look at what is the definition of a pay freeze.

Salary Freeze
A temporary policy in which a company refrains from giving any workers, or a certain subset of workers, ANY increases in salary or wages. Salary freezes are most common in companies that ordinarily give raises at regular intervals. The policy is adopted when a company is experiencing financial difficulties and wishes to avoid layoffs, if possible.
Now lets look at what is really happening in Washington. Federal workers will not be receiving their annual cost of living increase. But 2/3 of all Federal workers will be receiving automatic seniority pay increases, promotions , overtime and bonuses.
Clearly Washington has a radically different definition of what is meant with a pay freeze. And this is what we need to watch as we listen to what is really being said and what is the reality of what is being done in Washington speak. Sound familiar? It’s like the extension of the Bush tax cuts to the rich. Cutting out the unfair tax cuts and loopholes in the tax system would clearly net 3 to 4 times the estimated 700 billion dollars it’s going to cost over 10 years. But not one soul  in Congress is talking about that. Obama Care is the best thing to ever happen in this country. Health care that pays for itself. Zero cost to the Federal Government. So who will pay for it? Nothing in life is free. So exactly who will be paying for the cost? And while we’re asking. If it’s so great, why isn’t every Federal employee and every member of Congress going to be participating in it? And can some please explain why , if it’s so good, are there already over 200 waivers being given to corporations and unions?
The reason is very clear. What is said, and what is really going to happen, are two different things when it comes to Washington speak.