Posted on December 4, 2010


The DADT policy seems to less and less sense every time I hear it debated. If gays are already serving, then why would anything change if they were allowed to openly say they were gay? The hysteria seems to come from a dark side of people who think that once a person says they are gay, then that gay person will corrupt the whole unit and somehow make them all gay. The fact is that if your gay and are serving in the military at any base, most people who know you already have a pretty good idea that your gay. How can they not know? It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that in a small click of friends one of you never wants to go out and find girls. Or wants to go out and find guys to be with. You would think that the military would be more interested in finding straight men who beat their wives or their girlfriends. Men who seem to always look at younger and younger women. Men who make it a practice of always cheating. Or who are on drugs or who drink to the point of excess every night.

But thinking that because someone doesn’t say they are gay can serve and someone who does tell should be discharged is ridiculous. And personally, any member of the service who can’t figure out that something is different with a person they have just spent the last 13 months with has no business being in the military. Your just not smart enough to see the obvious and should never be trusted to do this job in a world where you need to see more than the average person to stay alive.

Everyone wants to take the most extreme example and say that is why it shouldn’t happen. But in truth there are already sets of rules and codes of conduct that these men and women have to already live by. You just can’t walk up to a women in the military and say whatever you want. You can’t make off color jokes or comments. You can’t force yourself on someone who is not interested. But somehow if the person you already know is gay should be allowed to say he is gay, then all these things would be out the window and all hell will break lose. That is just a silly position to take. It would be the right position, if at this time, there were no gays at all in the military. One could make the argument that it would change the whole dynamic of the military as we now know it. But the reality is that gays are in the military and have been for a very long time.

Here is one way to think the whole question through. Gay men and women also work as teachers, cops, firemen, lawyers, doctors, nurses, actors,clergy, as mayors, council members and even in Congress,in short the entire work force of this country. The world isn’t coming to an end because of it. And it hasn’t stopped turning because someone has said they were gay. When you need the best of the best to get the job done, I doubt that your only question will be is that person straight or gay. If your life depended on only one person,would it be a deal breaker if they were gay? This whole debate is an exercise in stupidity . A colossal  waste of time and tax dollars to to decide not if people can serve their country, but to allow them to serve if they don’t tell.

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