Dream Act

Posted on December 2, 2010


Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act.

This bill would provide certain illegal and deportable alien students who graduate from US high schools, who are of good moral character, arrived in the U.S. illegally as minors, and have been in the country continuously and illegally for at least five years prior to the bill’s enactment, the opportunity to earn conditional permanent residency if they complete two years in the military or two years at a four year institution of higher learning. The illegal alien students would obtain temporary residency for a six year period. Within the six year period, a qualified student must have “acquired a degree from an institution of higher education in the United States or [have] completed at least 2 years, in good standing, in a program for a bachelor’s degree or higher degree in the United States,” or have “served in the uniformed services for at least 2 years and, if discharged, [have] received an honorable discharge.”[2] Military enlistment contracts require an eight year commitment, with active duty commitments typically between four and six years, but as low as two years.[3][4] “Any alien whose permanent resident status is terminated [according to the terms of the Act] shall return to the immigration status the alien had immediately prior to receiving conditional permanent resident status under this Act.” [5]

While it may be hard to argue that something needs to be do with these people, the fact that Congress is trying to push this through during the lame duck session is a little disheartening . This is a blatant attempt to get minority votes in 2012 by the democratic party.

It is also a big slap in the face to all Americans. Your finding the time to work on this now and not finding time to do whats best for all people of this country is almost laughable. We need the “tax bill” passed before the end of this year. Are you going to extend the tax cuts or not? Are you going to extend unemployment benefits? And did anyone of you think to work on something that will bring jobs back to this economy? Have you worked on looking at any programs to find ways to cut any Government spending.

The answer to all is no. But as right as this program is , it will add to the spending. It will increase the amount of people who will get benefits instead of legal residents. And it will create a larger government bureaucracy to deal with handling the paperwork for all these people. MORE SPENDING… But for Americans living here legally, no relief from the expanding government and over the top spending.

Wouldn’t you think the priority would be to cut spending, give Americans some tax relief and to do anything possible to promote job growth and to get this stalled economy moving again. This “Dream Act” for as right or wrong as you may think it is, should be put where it belongs. On the back burner till we fix some of the more pressing problems. I hope you all remember this insult in 2012 when it’s time to vote some of these people out and bring into office someone who will stand up for the people who legally live here and want to work and move this country back to prosperity. With all the problems facing this country today , talking about the Dream Act right now is becoming a Nightmare to all of us. It’s a completely shameless act to secre future votes to regain the House. And it’s nothing more. This is the one of the biggest and best reasons for us all to promote TERM LIMITS IN CONGRESS.

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, AND JOBS !!!!!!!!  This is all Congress should have been doing this last year. Making sure we all had JOBS. Getting a good job. The “Dream Act” of 50 plus million Americans..

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