What Have We Learned

Posted on November 29, 2010


Anyone born before the  mid 50’s knows they have seen more in their lifetimes then almost any other group of people will ever know. We have seen everything from war to great American leaders being assassinated. We have lived through some of the greatest music ever put on vinyl. That’s right I said vinyl. We have seen racism, riots, protests. We have watched America’s youth die in a war in a country that we couldn’t even find on a map. We have seen a man walk on the moon. That feeling we had when we looked up at the moon and thought , we have just landed there.

We have also been alive to see Presidents lie, cheat and corrupt the office of the Presidency. We have watched many politicians do the same. From the left or from the right, none of them is immune to this behavior.  Almost all of this would have been done before we would reach the age of 15 if you were born in 19956.

Do you remember growing up thinking we were going to change the world. Do you remember thinking you were never going to be your parents and just sit by and do nothing. So here we are. More than 50 years for all the things we were going to change. And what is really different?

Here’s the short list. We don’t go to the moon anymore. We don’t by our music on vinyl. And we know where we are sending our youth to fight. I may be wrong about this but I really can’t see that we have made such great changes in our world. Right down to predicting that Time Life is going to have a hard time putting together a music collection in 20 years to sell to anybody.

We all grew up knowing first hand how terrible racism is and yet we are still trying to fight it everyday. Maybe it’s time to put all of the good ideas we had as kids into play. To hell with the politics. Politics has given us perpetual racism. African Americans. Hispanic Americans. Asian Americans. And all the rest. WE ARE AMERICANS. Lets work on cutting through the bullshit, and becoming what we have all be telling ourselves from childhood. Remember when we all had our friends and thought we were all just people? Maybe in some small way I can understand how your parents or grandparents can think what they did. But this generation has to move on from that. We knew better way back then. How did we get so dumb? Every time someone wants to tell you they are a “something” American, tell him the truth. Your either an American or your not. End of story.

And just what the hell are we doing with our political leaders? We allow them to lie and to pervert this country and all it really does stand for. And for what? To get a earmark sent back home? The country is going to hell in a hand basket, and your sitting here believing there doing a good job. Think for one minute about what is really going on. A US Senator spends just about 20 million dollars to get elected to a 174K job. A job he or she doesn’t work like any job you will ever have. Every time he goes to Washington or goes back home, he is spending your money. He will get benefits for doing this that you will never receive for any job you will ever have. All again paid by you. And if your not following this very well, here is something to think about. You will get that crappy health care that they forced down your throat. But the will remain exempt from it. Even though they are tell you it is the best thing ever they don’t want it and will not accept it for themselves. Or for any other Government employee. Social Security recipients will receive no increase this year. Again. But they will have no problem voting themselves a raise, as they always do. Here is a funny thing. The President can only be elected for 2 terms. But a member of the House or the Senate can be elected till they no longer want the job or die. Here may be something else to think about. The country is in very bad shape. Jobs are gone and may not start to return for years. And when they do, you can bet that you will never get heath benefits or any other benefits like you did before. Your not even going to get the same pay as before. Don’t you think it’s time to put elected officials in the same boat as all Americans. After all it is your money they are collecting. Lets cut back the spending from the top down. One small cut in Federal benefits would have been more than enough to cover an increase to the people who built this country and made your whole life possible.

Where the hell is the common sense your grandparents had? Congress, vote yourself a pay cut and start paying into your own benefits like the rest of the world. Work within a budget. Get rid of some of the hired help and for Gods sake, get a smaller office. Give them a limit on what WE can Afford to pay, to keep them in office. And all this nonsense about what side your on, the right or the left. Your supposed to be on our side. The side of the people. Stop making yourself more than what you are. You were elected to move America forward. Not your FN party agenda. That argument  is getting old and a little stupid.


The road to hell is always paved with good intentions. Look at the Mexican border. I don’t care what side your on in this. Look at the basic facts. Because we didn’t do the simplest thing, which was to secure the border. We have now left ourselves open for all the drugs and death you have been reading about in that country. It is not only right across the border. It is now here. And it is going to escalate and people will die. Americans will die either trying to stop the cartels or from the poison they sell.

Again with some common sense. Do you know exactly how many American children go hungry in the State of California? Do you know how many American children don’t get to go to college in California? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if California found 11 billion dollars in extra money every year to help the people living in that state. Well that is what is spent on the people who live there illegally every year. I was confused when the Federal Government gave 5 billion dollars to Brazil and then told them they didn’t have to repay it. But that is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to what is spent each and every year on people live in this country illegally. Not because I don’t want to help them or because I somehow hate them. Because for every dollar spent on these people it’s just one more dollar that will never be spent on an American living in this country. Now California is only one state. The amounts spent by other states is astounding. And to be honest, every time a student who lives here illegally receives a grant or a government loan to attend college is one more student who lives here legally that will not receive that same money. That is just the bare bones facts of life. Before you start to think of the moral or philosophical  debates people want to engage you in, think of this. Would you deny your children of anything to give it all away to someone else. Of coarse you wouldn’t. As Americans we are all family. We are all equal. And as Americans we should do everything in our power to make this country and it’s people the best they can be. When we have accomplished this goal we can look to help anyone we deem worthy of our help. We have become a Nation of very confused people. We want to help but have forgotten that we need to help ourselves first. It’s not wrong and it doesn’t make you a bad person. IT MAKES YOU A GOOD AMERICAN.

For all of you that still think you need to help others before you take care of your own, rejoice, there is still hope. Start a fund and let anyone who wants to contribute to it, do so. But not State or Federal tax dollars. Pretty simple if you ask me. If you feel so strongly about helping those who legally should not get help, take your own money and do it. Just leave my tax dollars alone so they can go where they belong. To Americans.

But back to the border and all those hard working people looking to cross over to find a better life here. I’ll give you credit for a nobel idea. But look what you policies have now brought us. Times have changed. And now the rest of us will be left to clean up the mess that your not so well thought out idea has made. Maybe this is why there IS  a law on the books that says we should protect our borders. And we SHOULD control who enters our country. It’s such a good law that every country in the world has one. It was never about hurting anyone who wants to enter. It has been and is about, protecting the citizens who live there.

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