Posted on October 27, 2010


Before we get into voting we need to put so rules into play. This is America. We vote our elected officials into and out of office. We’ve paid a very steep price for this right to choose. The mistake many of us will make in November is that we think our vote doesn’t count. Well it does. It’s your right and your duty to vote. Everything this great country stands for and is, is tied to the right to vote. We started out as a group of people ruled by a King and Queen. We fought and sacrificed many lives to break away from a Monarchy so we could be who we are today. This wasn’t easy. Many battles and many lives later we earned the right to choose our leaders. And from that time many, countries have tried to take that right from us. We have never backed down. And we have never wavered from the core principles of who we are. A free Nation. Never afraid to fight and defend that freedom.

Today, many people living here think that this is a gift you can just give to whoever you want. We take for granted that we were born here and born into the freedoms this country has to offer. Nothing is free. We are all obligated to do our civic duty and vote for someone who we know will bring us forward in our journey as a country. We should question and challenge anyone who tells you that the right to be an American is a short cut path of legalization.  Our founding fathers had no short cuts. All the men and women who have fought in all the wars to defend this country have had no short cuts. There should be no short cut for anyone wanting to live here and call themselves an American.

We have all been fooled into thinking it’s an act of freedom to burn our flag. It is and always will be, a show of disrespect for all that has happened to make that a right to freedom of expression. We will defend the rights of people who shouldn’t be here, but not the rights of those who are, to vote without intimidation. We will give the right to vote to non citizens but we will not fight for all of our service me and women who will not get there chance to vote this election. Keep these things in mind when you cast your vote. Cast your vote as an American , for Americans.

We’re Americans. We don’t want a free hand out. We don’t want free health care. We don’t want a free ride to do absolutely nothing. What we do want is a JOB. We want the freedom that comes with making our own money and buying the things we need. We want to be free and independent. Free to make our own choices and to do as we please. That’s what it means to be an American. The right to live free and the right to choose whats best for us. For all of us.

For maybe the first time in your life, get off your couch and go vote. Do it because you’ve got the right to do it. Do it because it’s your duty. Do it because your an American. Pick your candidate and cast your vote. Do it because they are the best choice for your town, county, state or your country. Don’t let someone tell who you should vote for. Vote for the person you think will do the best job if elected. You could be the one who makes a difference.

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