Posted on October 26, 2010


Oh to liberal in this country. WMD’s were not found in Iraq, and that was all on, Bush. Problems with the economy, that is all on Bush. Problems with heath care in this country? Well by now you can guess, Bush. Everything else wrong, the Republicans. Every time a Republican says something, it get twisted and then written in stone for all of time. This is the perfect world to live in. Never having to accept the responsibility for anything you do. Never once having to answer a simple question about what you just said. It is perfect.

I’m not going to rehash all of this but, they were all there and voted for the war. And they have been in control for most of the bad economy years. But more to the point, health care. Now that they have all had time to read the bill, many Democrat’s don’t like it. Some can’t even defend it. And, if they could ever tell the truth, they would have never voted for it. What did it take, all of 16 months to put it all together? According to the President , it had to be done quickly. So nobody was ever given a chance to read it. Just vote. We’ll fix it later.

Now I ask you,six days before an election, these are the people you want to run the country? You all acted like children in pre-K. Don’t want your help, don’t need your help. And no you can’t read it. We’re in charge and we don’t need you.

But the funny thing is that now even the people who signed it don’t like it. Well, they won’t take credit for it. If the Bill was all you said it was, shouldn’t every Democrat run all their ad’s about how they got it done without Republican help? If the Bill was half of what you said it was, you would be a shoe in.

And what do we hear about the stimulus? Well first we need more. Lets spend. The first round wasn’t enough. We need more. And the answer to the simplest question, “it doesn’t seem to be working as well as you said”. Democratic answer in unison, ” We need to spend more”. ” And have you any idea how bad things would be if we didn’t spend that money?”. But it wasn’t enough. And now two years and over a trillion dollars later. We are being told that it will take time, you just have to wait.

We could have waited and had the mess we’re in for free. But a trillion dollars later, NO JOBS STILL. And for the record, no policy changes to create jobs. But lots of changes to prevent job growth.

I like the , keep it simple method. If you paid me to do a job and I screwed it up because I didn’t read the directions, I’ll bet you’d want your money back. (health care) And how about the fact that from the time the Democrats took over the only thing they needed to do was get people working. But instead they did what they wanted to do. From heath care down the line. But not the 100 % must do thing. JOBS.

And one important last thing. How many Democrats have you heard talking about giving rights to illegals in this country. We are openly having members of Congress protest for them, speak out for them and get arrested for them. HAS EVEN ONE OF THEM ONCE RAISED THEIR VOICE OVER THE FACT THAT THIS ELECTION CYCLE SOME OF OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN THE MILITARY WILL NOT GET TO EXERCISE THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE THIS ELECTION.


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