Government Hits New Low

Posted on September 2, 2010


First they took Arizona to court. But not before accusing Arizona of racial profiling . But when the law suit was announced it made no mention of profiling. Then the included ARIZONA in a United Nations report that accuses the state of  human rights violations. Yes , you read that right. Funny how if they knew that or thought that , they didn’t think it was worthy to mention it in the lawsuit.

And now they are going after Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Add this all together and you start to see the Obama Admin. does not want anyone to act on any immigration laws. Not a States right to do it. And not for a State to use existing Federal law to do it.

This is going to short and to the point. Arizona is guilty of human rights violations. This charge should be brought against them for waiting so long to protect the citizens of that state. American citizens have been put in harms way due to the illegal immigrant problem. And yes the federal government should be the one to protect them. But when that system failed , the State should have stepped in. Not doing it years ago is the crime they are guilty of.

Now for Sheriff Joe and his crew. He really did something bad. He set up road checks and pulled over people who were breaking the law. Here is a story quote, Critics say the deputies pull people over for minor traffic infractions because of the color of their skin so they can ask them for their proof of citizenship. They pull over people for minor traffic infractions because it happens to be the job of the police to do so. As anyone who drives a car in the USA already knows. It’s the reason most of us don’t speed or drive with a headlight out. Apparently , in Arizona this can be misunderstood as a human rights violation. Maybe if these people would have bothered to become citizens, they would have been made to understand that in a country, such as ours, or any other civilized country, WE HAVE LAWS. and if you do the wrong thing like drive your car to fast or drive with a broken tail light, you can and will be pulled over.

And for the last bit of nonsense. If the police can pull anyone over and ask for your ID, then run a check on who you are and if you have other violations and warrants, WHY CAN’T THEY ASK IF YOUR IN THIS COUNTRY LEGALLY? In as much as you are living in a border state and this could be something that could happen everyday.

Here’s a thought. The country is going down the tubes and the biggest priority of the White House and the Democrats is to sue one of it’s own States and one of it’s Sheriff’s. Maybe Nov. 4th just can’t come soon enough. I think it’s time to put this experiment in change to rest.

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