Building the Mosque

Posted on August 23, 2010


Just figured this out. Obama reminds me of of my kid when it comes to making a tough choice. He should remind me of my grandfather . A think ahead kinda person who always made a decision. And in the long run, it seemed to turn out to be the right.  What I don’t need is someone telling me all about the world, but never telling me where you stand and why. I fully support the Mosque being built there. I do not support the Mosque being built there.

But he did decide to not only sue Arizona, but now they are going after the only guy who has made, any difference at all, to the situation. Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I this case, again the administration comes down on the only side they ever do. Beat down America and Americans. Does anyone else see that they are insisting on building the Mosque their. They are building it to promote , peace and tolerance. And that will happen, when? How long after it’s built will people forget all the bitter fighting and except something, 70 plus percent  of the country , so strongly oppose?

How is it possible that Howard Dean can make sense of this and the President cannot? All this talk of rights and the Constitution, has anyone else noticed that the rights are never given to Americans. Seems like nothing in the Constitution was ever written for people who legally live here. If there was something we wouldn’t be wasting , taxpayer dollars, suing Arizona. And as for the Mosque? Lets just say, if you wanted to teach tolerance and healing, the site for the Mosque would have been changed from the very first day. And whoever is really responsible for the planning of the Mosque there? If you had any respect for America or the people of America , you would have never thought to talk about putting the Mosque there. Lets make one thing clear. You have every right under the Constitution to build your Mosque anywhere you like. BUT THAT DOESN”T MAKE IT RIGHT !!  This country was built on the notion of, right and wrong. The law comes into play when we fall off the tracks.

Where is the fairness or moral high ground? Where exactly is the honesty about this Mosque? If your looking to build bridges, you don’t start off making as many people angry as you can. And you never start off by putting the law, above moral decency or integrity. None of this is even a question. What is in question is, who is opposing the Mosque. This from the Speaker of the House.

Liberal Democrats have so far have taken the side of illegals in this country, over the rights of citizens living in this country. You can believe all you want, that someone here as an illegal, has rights. But those same rights cannot and never will , supersede the rights of legal residents of this country. They’re here and there is a problem. So how is , my right to not have you here,  worth less than their right to be here? This is not a philosophical debate. This is reality. There is no rights given to anyone in the Constitution to infringe upon the rights, of legal citizens of this country.  There certainly are no rights given or implied in the Constitution to any foreign citizen, living in the USA illegally,  over an American citizen. End of discussion.

The Mosque is absolutely, morally wrong on so many levels. It defies logic. Placing the Mosque at this location will never bring about the peace and unity the builders are hoping for. The building of the Mosque itself shows a defiant act of intolerance by this Imam. But wait, who is it coming to the rescue of the builders? Yes, again the liberal left.  Insisting that all Americans should be tolerant and allow the building to be put up. With the rights and freedom we have in this country come responsibility and common sense. Because you have the right to build the Mosque, does not make it socially acceptable.

Just because you have the right to play loud music till 10 pm, does not make you a good neighbor. It will not make anyone like you more. And it will not make you a good standing member of the community. It really doesn’t make you a good person. But the law says you have the right to do it. But there is so much more involved. We cherish the rights and freedoms we have in this country. But we also understand that those rights and freedoms extend to all people.  We all realize that simply because we can, is not a good enough reason to do it.

Build the Mosque. But change the location. That is the common sense solution. Anything less is totally  un-American.

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