Congress the Series

Posted on August 3, 2010


Watching any Democrat speak on any topic, has to be the funniest comedy on TV. Here’s what it’s all about. First, start talking and ignore to truth. Then change the rules, so that they only apply to you. And any rule or law that cannot be changed, reinterpret the law to fit your argument. And last but not least, make up ridiculous scenarios that have not happened and never would happen, to prove your point.

Now watching the Republicans just isn’t as funny. Here’s what they do in all of this. They argue back some silly trivial thing and expect to have everyone as outraged as they are. Well pretend to be. They will repeat the same thing , word for word, looking for the same response. But the one thing they fail at, more often then not, is stating their view on the subject. They never have a side they pick. And they never tell you what they would do. They just go on and on about how wrong it is.

Remember the episode about health care. That was a good one. The Democrats made things up on a daily basis. The cost or better yet , when they said it was Deficit Neutral? Or when they told us all we had to pass this Bill because everyone in American should have health care? And then we find out that there are still going to be Americans without health care anyway? Pretty funny stuff. But the other side got some good ones in too. Like when they kept saying they had the better plan, but no one ever heard it or read it. It’s like this imaginary thing that doesn’t really exist, but you keep hoping they bring it out and show it off.

Every week it’s a new plot. What makes it hard to follow and believe is the premise that both sides know they are right, but neither side can ever agree with the other. Both sides are there for the same reason. So they both can’t be right, if they can’t agree with each other. But it doesn’t really matter. Every episode ends with the same message.

You got distracted by the show and forgot about the problems. And now because of that, you have to now pay. Your stuck paying off the trillion dollars. And your stuck paying more for health care. And the next time there is another big increase in health insurance costs, expect your boss to opt out of the large bill ,and pay the fine for not giving you insurance.

It was the same for illegal immigration. I pay and they stay. And don’t forget to invite your friends. The American dream is there for the taking. The part that I’m paying, in any way, for your dream, seems very Un American to me. But what do I know? I was only born and raised here.

You have to stop looking at the show and use your head a little. It may not be easy but how hard would it have been to just write 3 things each you wanted, about health care, and go from there. It would have been 6 things we should have been able to agree on. And no more adding things to any Bill that has nothing to do with it. And no rewriting the Bill after it is voted on.

The only “transparency” is that the game is still the same. This is crystal clear. Take the issue of closing the border. I’m not really interested in a long, drawn out, song and dance. Who exactly in Congress, is against protecting the borders of this country? Who exactly didn’t want Health Care Reform? Everyone wanted it. But we are not even close to anything that will bring down costs or make it more accessible to anybody living here. But we did manage to pay more for it. And will continue to pay more year after year and receive less.

But then I guess the show wouldn’t be as funny if they acted normal. Then again if I read between the lines more, I wouldn’t be getting ripped off as much. And I wouldn’t owe soooo much money. Because the truth is that it’s not a show on TV. It’s everyday life in Washington. And everything they do there, has a price. And we always have to pay it.

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