New Law in Fremont

Posted on June 22, 2010


Looks as though the people of Fremont have spoken. I say looks like because the ACLU has already said before the vote , that they would be suing the town if the law passed.

Fremont Nebraska, population 26,000, has seen a steady influx of illegals since 1990. This small city in Americas heartland decided it was time to do something about that. Most of the residents that have been interviewed have no problem with new people coming into Fremont. And for the most part none of them has any problem with the fact that most of the new people are Hispanic. They do  , as 57 percent voted for the law, object to the fact that they are here illegally. The law that was just voted on and passed is aimed directly at the problem of illegals coming to Fremont. Their law  says you cannot rent to illegals and you may not hire illegals. Sounds simple enough. And it sounds fair. If your legally here ,you are more than welcome. If your not, then stay out of Fremont.

The ACLU will argue that local ordinances violate federal law on illegals. They also have a very strange stance on what they consider to be, American values of fairness and equality. But is that anywhere near the truth. As Americans we already allow more people to immigrate to this country legally every year than most other countries combined. So maybe it’s something else that is pulling us apart. Maybe it’s as simple as most Americans do have a strong sense of right and wrong and feel that crossing into this country illegally is just wrong. We also feel it is very difficult to back someone who has broken the law. After all we are a country of mostly law abiding citizens. But Fremont is looking at the whole picture which is maybe something we should all look at. Illegals in Fremont do not actually spend their money in that community. Most send the bulk of their money back to Mexico to support their families. Now again, what would you do? So this is not really the argument. Neither is any other argument that someone will come up with. That has been the problem from the beginning. We want to argue everything except the fact that they have come to this country illegally. And that is the only real argument. So now lets look at that side only. Why , if people who live in countries where their government is slowly killing of mass groups of people , do we insist on them going through a legal process to get here? Why do we have immigration laws to begin with? And why is it so important to live in a country where all people live under the same laws equally? These are the only questions. Breaking any of these rules or laws is , in the long run, not better for all who live here.

So now again, lets look at Fremont. Why the large influx? Well big business has something to do with that. Outside of Fremont are two meat packing plants. Hormel and Fremont Beef. What a big surprise, big business is willing to hire illegals and illegals will come there to work. The WHY is anyone’s guess. Just don’t tell me it’s because Americans don’t want to do that job. More likely it’s because big companies know they can treat illegals differently then they can American workers. That sounds about right.

Why is it important to know who is entering America? Almost more reasons than one can say here. Simply put, health reasons and legal reasons would top the list. Not knowing if the person is healthy or what pet or animal they have brought with them is a problem. Not knowing what plants they have brought with them is also a problem. One person could start an epidemic or a small pregnant pet not native to this country could wipe out an entire species of native animal. Or one africanized bee. Or any other case you  would like to make. These things can and do happen.

Immigration laws need to changed. If all these people are here and working then there is a need for them. But again that is not really the issue. That is something very different. If that were true, then we need to insure that the people who are coming here legally are working under the labor laws of this country. Not working and hiding and being abused by any business. But you’ll never get that done because the longer you allow illegals to just live here legally , you’ll always have a problem with that.

Now what about the ACLU fighting these people, who have used the system we have and have voted to make changes? This is one of the things most of us do not understand. The ACLU, will support and argue for the illegals in this case, But who will defend the rights of the people of Fremont who voted and have spoken? And exactly who’s rights are the ACLU fighting for in this case? They are involved in a hot button issue of illegal Mexicans living and working in this country. But if you fight for those rights in the end you will have to apply those rights to all people illegally here. So where do we draw the line? Will there be a long list of countries that it will be OK to be an illegal from? And what about the short list? The one of countries we don’t want here? We will never know even when to use the list because we, cannot ask illegals if they are here illegally.

This is a case of more rules and more laws not doing what the original law, based in practical common sense , was getting accomplished. Well ,before someone started to ignore the law. Now like every time this happens we are going to go round and round with all the fixes and never solve the problem.

Americans have the right to know who is here and who is legally here. We have the right to know that whoever is here , is here because they have gone through a process of becoming legal or are working on that process. We also have the right to protect all people living and working in this country. We also have, on a human rights level , the right to know that people here are not being taken advantage of by anyone. This country has survived all of this time because we are one nation and all live by one set of rules. We are all equal.

The federal government has let us all down on this one. And the American people have taken up a fight not knowing all the facts. As bad as you think things are for any group of people living here, the truth is that if you do not bring it back to basic common facts that will in the end protect us all , we will never solve any problem.

Here would be a simple solution. Close the border. This needs to be done for the protection of all who live here. Securing the border, is the most imortant step in all of this. This is the United States, not Burger King, but even Burger King would not serve you if you came in through the back door or the fire exit. Everyone is welcome here. If you show enough respect to come in the door we have open.

We need to find a way of dealing with the illegal population that is here. Whatever else you may think, this would be something that is good for all Americans and those who in the future want to be Americans. This will also give protection to those here illegally.

We need to look at our immigration laws and how we let people into this country. Temp workers should be able to come here and work. And people who want to move here shouldn’t have to wait 20 years to do so.

And the first thing we need to do is make whatever change s need to made to any laws benefit Americans. We do live here and we do have a right to have our say in these matters. But , we also come first.

This is a completely long winded way of stating the common sense approach to what is happening in this country surrounding illegals living here.

American’s rights come first.

You get basic rights.

If you want to be here so badly, then do it the right way.

And understand that if given a choice between you as a hard working person and an American citizen, your going to lose every time.

And that is not a bad thing. If you do it right and become a citizen , you to will fall into the second group of the last sentence.

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