Feds to sue Arizona

Posted on June 21, 2010


The Obama administrations insistence on going after Arizona over the immigration law is just becoming mind boggling. Today their talk was that they are still reviewing the law , but have decided to sue them already. Exactly how complicated is this law that Mr. Holder is still reviewing it? But it is in line with everything these guys do. After all he had admitted to never reading it, but was condemning it before Congress. OIl in the gulf reaching 4 states, unemployment still around 10 % and an economic future in this country that looks bleak at best. And their big concern is to sue Arizona. Over a law that is almost exactly the same as Federal law on the subject. Pretty interesting to know first hand where the priorities are for this administration.

Not at all with the people who live here. Not in the least with the people who live along the gulf coast. And not with turning this country around and putting us back on the road to prosperity. No none of that. All they want to do is protect illegals from being deported by Arizona.

Where is the troops you promised to protect the border Mr. President? Why isn’t the administration looking into why they have not been deployed? Why aren’t you looking into sending more troops, or moving to put a firm policy in place so that the people of this country and any other country know we now mean business? Where is your undying need to protect the citizens living along the border?

This is just getting ridiculous. My country. My Congress. My Homeland Security. My President. ALL refusing to put Americans first and the majority of them supporting the rights of illegals in this country. And, defending the right for them to come here illegally. We can sue a State , but we cannot ask an illegal in this country for documentation.

Why not put an end to this the only legal way that is open to you. Tell Arizona to drop the implementation of their law. Tell them , and all of us that you will now start to enforce Federal law. This can’t be done because you don’t like the law. So as President you will not enforce laws you don’t like. But you swore an oath to uphold all the laws of this country when you took office. Not just the ones you like.

The President and Mr. Holder both know that this law is sound. The big problem seems to be with the fact that it will somehow allow police to discriminate against certain people. The fact is that if you are an American and were to be stopped in any State, you would have to produce some form of ID. It wouldn’t matter who you are or what race you are. Once involved in any police action you need to produce identification. SO WHY THE BIG OUTCRY OVER THE FACT THAT YOU CAN BE ASKED IF YOUR LEGALLY HERE.  If you are legally here, you will have some form of real ID. And if you don’t have it with you, Well just like all the rest of us , you had better or you can be held till you produce some. Are you people telling me that as an ILLEGAL you have or deserve or are entitled to more rights than everyone else. And the President knows this already. He is a lawyer. He had to learn this in his first year of college. WE are all treated equally in this country. No one is above the law. If as an American I need to have my ID on me, then why is it so impossible to understand that a policeman has the right to ask for it? Living in a border state, if you are arresting a person for something, and they do not speak english and do not have proper ID , why can’t someone ask if they are here illegally? Why or how does that infringe on someone’s rights? Really, why is it improper for the police during a criminal investigation, to ask the perp any questions?

And will someone please explain to me this insane behavior of always protecting the rights of illegals with OUR laws and never applying those same laws to the people who live here legally? Like it or not, the line in the sand is being drawn. At some point Mr. President, your going to have to address two very important issues. One will be addressing the problem of illegals in this country. The other , and more pressing issue, is how serious are you going to get about securing the border? The total amount of violence that is crossing the border, is no longer in dispute. The amount of drugs is definitely out in the open , when you have the President of Mexico begging for help. And I can see no reason to add to an already large problem of what to do with all the illegals that reside in the United States.

How and why are we wasting all this time and money fighting over something that in the end , will most definitely be proven constitutional. How can it possibly be illegal for a state to enact a law that is already on the federal books. Arizona is not trying to undermine the law, nor are they making a a law that is less than the current statute. Now forget the issue of the law. How can anyone argue with the fact that when involved in any police action you MUST produce an ID.

Drop the suit and concentrate on closing the border. And lets do it a more timely manner than the handling of the oil cleanup. Which right now on day 61, is completely nonexistent.

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