Obama’s Oval Office Speech

Posted on June 16, 2010


WOW!!! Another commission. Who would have thought it. Maybe we need a new commission to figure out why we said no to help in the first few days of the spill. We had other countries willing to send equipment and experts to help clean up the oil. But the Federal Government said no thanks. And going out on a limb here, we really do not need more regulation or any more government agencies to produce safe ,clean  and environmentally friendly fuel. What we need is to either make what we have work the way it was supposed to or fire all those people and start all over from scratch. We do not need to bulk up the government and bog it down in bureaucracy  , we need to streamline these agencies so we can know from minute to minute what is going on and who’s head will roll if it doesn’t happen the way it should. And going green is the right approach, but not all at once. We cannot afford to pay that cost right now. This is something we need to ease into. Not pass sweeping law that will cripple this country. We cannot force the United States to conform to something that the rest of the world will never do. It is in the long term the right move. But baby steps, please.

And Mr. President is right on one thing. WE ARE A “CAN DO” COUNTRY.  We always have been. But we have always had the leadership at the top to define our goals. Both short term and long term. And so far we are not hearing that. All we have heard so far is that it will cost more for all of us to move forward. His agenda, not ours. We need good cheap energy for this country. And we need it now. And if it doesn’t exactly fit into the total green agenda, then so be it. We are a country that can do anything, right? So we can fix the green part later. Now we need to decide between , need and want. I want green energy too. But we NEED safe, cheap energy now.

And for the record. When the President said it may take 2 years to clean up the gulf, that is a fantasy. The Exxon Valdez spill has taken 20 years of cleaning and it is still not totally cleaned up. And no matter how much money He can get out of BP, most of those people in the gulf will be bankrupt before that money gets to them. And even if it does find it’s way to them, it will never be enough to do any good.

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