Why do we insist on spanish?

Posted on June 13, 2010


Signs in spanish. Push 1 for english. Billboards in spanish. Boxes of pancake mix in spanish and english. Why? 15.4 % of the total population of the United States is Hispanic or Latino. This is 46.9 million people. People, not almost 50 percent of the population like everyone thinks. There are no signs or directions or papers or tests in most other languages. Why in only this language? What is the fascination? To be a citizen of this country you are required to speak english. There are some exceptions. They make no sense, but there are some. When you think about the number and start to think of all the people you have ever met that are Hispanic or Latino, how many really do not speak english. So the number goes down considerably when you count all those that do speak english. So who is this very small group that we insist on catering to? And why are they incapable of learning english? They do live here. They work here. Is it that they just don’t want to work hard enough at being an American to show some respect and learn the language of the country they now live in? Is it because they have been taught by our system that they don’t have to learn english if they choose not to? Why is it that every American, that speaks english, has to drive down a road and look at a billboard in spanish for Newport’s? Even if we were to say that half of all hispanics do not speak english or refuse to speak english, we would still be talking about less than 7 percent of the total population of the country. The total number could , and probably is, even lower than the 7 %. But I do know that most people think we do it because they believe hispanics make up almost 50 % of the total population. Which clearly they do not. Even if that were true though, it still wouldn’t make much sense. This is America. And we do speak english. We require people from all other countries that want to be a citizen to learn english. So again, WHY. Why just for them?

Logic would say that the only reason we do it is because they just refuse to be Americans and refuse to assimilate into our society. And that we want them to be here, so we make sure they feel at home. But then again, THIS IS THEIR HOME NOW.  So that doesn’t make any logical sense. So it really must be some other reason, because it defies logic. Could it be that politicians insist on it because it makes available a large block of voters for them? That seems to be the only answer that makes any sense. Look at Arizona for the quick answer. If it wasn’t Mexico but Iran that was attached to our southern border, do you think there would be any question about securing the border? Do you think Arizona would have had to pass a law to deal with illegal immigrants? Do you really think that everyone would be boycotting Arizona right now? Or do you really think we would be printing signs in Persian, Luri or Gilaki?

Catering to a small group and hold hostage the majority is never a good idea. We should all live here and want to be here as Americans. Not to be treated differently or special. We all have the same right. To be treated as equals. To be treated the same. And to all have a common goal. To make this country great. TO STAND UNITED. Like the name says. You know this all started when I took a walk the other night. There is a power distribution center in town. The signs on the fence are in english and now, some are in spanish. But we have a fairly large Asian population here also. So nobody wants to protect them? Or is it that they only make up 4.4 percent of the total population and maybe have poor voter turn out? Like everything, logic should dictate what the right move should be. Your here in this country, then do what you have to do and learn english. And yes the Federal Government should be the ones to enforce the law on this. Just as it was to stop illegals from entering the country all along. This is a simple case of someone not doing their job and everyone else has to suffer. You don’t get to bend the law because you like someone. This is America. We speak english. You want to be here , your required to learn it. And Just because you crossed the border does not mean your safe. Your illegally in this country and when caught your going to be removed. IT’S THE LAW. It’s not designed to hurt you. It’s designed to protect us. Press 1 for english, PRESS 1 FOR ENGLISH. IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, HANG UP AND CALL BACK WHEN YOU LEARN ENGLISH !!!!

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