Getting serious about the drug wars

Posted on June 11, 2010


The Mexican President was outraged that a young boy was killed on the Mexican side of the border by US border agents. But the problem is they want us to believe he was just some child playing and being a kid. He was not. He has been involved in smuggling before. He was on a most wanted list at border agencies. He was also involved in attacking the agents while they were trying to apprehend 2 others from his group, whom they arrested.

Now don’t misunderstand the point of this. Losing a life, any life , is a tragedy. The fact that he was a young man just makes it even more horrible. But if something is going to be done at that the border to help Mexico with the problems they are having in that country with the drug wars and the human trafficking,then new rules will have to be put in place. Instead of President Calderon telling his people to boycott Arizona, he needs to tell his people to stop using the border to cross into America. Mexican authorities and US border patrol need to have some help in sorting out who is there and what they are doing there. The only way this can be accomplished is to keep those innocent , for want of a better term, Mexicans off the border for now and deal with the real problem of criminals and drug smugglers and even gun runners who are trying to cross from both of our countries back and forth to sell there goods.

Here is a link to the Huffington Post about the real problems Mexico is dealing with in their country.  This is no longer a joke or an attempt to scare anyone .  This is reality. When you look at the brutality that is going on, just on the other side of the border, you will get the need for the urgency of dealing with this problem as safely and quickly as possible.

It is going to just a matter of time before it will be guns and not rocks shooting at border agents from the Mexican side of the border. If President Calderon wants to have our help in all this he needs to start to become serious about how to handle His problem. At some point this will escalate beyond Mexico’s problem to our problem. At that point the real war will be on. But to make any of this happen as cleanly as possible, He needs to speak to his people and have them stop them from seeking whatever they seek on this side of the border. Both countries cannot afford to sort out who is a drug runner and who is just a person who wants to come here illegally. This is the same policy that is hindering Mexico’s effort to control the drug cartels.

Any loss of life is never acceptable. But before you condemn or rush to judgement ask yourself questions. Why were they there? Why were they around an area where people were getting arrested? Why did they do what they did? Who were the people dressed in uniforms who came to the American side of the border to retrieve something and then bring it back to Mexico? Just how innocent were these people who just happened to be there?

And what will be next in this? Already there is a shooting and Mexican police aiming guns back at our border agents. People thinking it’s fine to throw rocks at agents making an arrest. This has all the makings of the beginning of something that will start to go very wrong in the near future. And the tensions will just start to escalate. Where was President Calderon’s outrage when an American farmer was killed by illegals crossing the border? That was something he left out of his big speech in the Congress visit. And no one in Congress remembered to ask him either, by the way. But someone has to take charge and decide what the rules will be for 2010 and the future. We’re not living in the 1950’s anymore. And no matter what anyone will tell you, things are different now. Close the border, because now it’s time. It’s the right thing to do for both sides. Mexico is in trouble and they need our help. We are also in trouble and need to help ourselves. Until you can do something to stop the flow of drugs out of Mexico there will continue to be major problems in that country. President Calderon needs to make the first step in this battle. He needs to make sure that his people know that they need to stay clear of the border. Anyone near the border should be considered to a hostile. This is the only way to make the fight he says he has been wagering end. Both countries need to ensure there is no place to take the drugs. This is not the quick fix. There will be more work to do. But this is a start.

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