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Posted on June 9, 2010


Below is a list of cities and groups that are boycotting Arizona over the new immigration law. The time has come to put some pressure on these people to make it clear that all Americans are not as uninformed as they seem to be. This list will be updated as more join. But anyone who still thinks that the rights of any state to protect it’s citizens or who wants to support Americans just trying to live the American dream, should take a long look at this list and start to plan new vacations and decide where their dollars will go. Any city or group that will fight this hard over rights for illegals over the rights of American citizens does not deserve your support. This is not about legal immigration. This is ONLY about a growing illegal population that now is demanding a total and complete hands off policy. They are demanding rights ,that we as citizens, do not even have. They want to not only be allowed to break the law. They want to insure that they will never be deported.  They want to make sure they can never be asked if they are legally here, thereby making a joke of our immigration laws.

Cities that have approved boycotts of Arizona:

• Austin.• Berkeley, Calif.

• Boston. • Boulder, Colo.

• Columbus, Ohio.

• El Paso (city and county).

• Gallup, N.M.

• Hartford, Conn.

• Los Angeles.

• Oakland.

• Richmond, Calif.

• San Pablo, Calif.

• St. Paul, Minn.

• Santa Monica, Calif.

• San Francisco (non-binding resolution).

• Seattle.

• West Hollywood, Calif.

Groups that announced travel boycotts of Arizona:

• Service Employees International Union.

• United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.

• National Council of La Raza.

• Asian American Justice Center.

• Center for Community Change.

• League of United Latin American Citizens.

• National Puerto Rican Coalition.

• Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

• American Educational Research Assn.

• World Boxing Council.

• Sociologists Without Borders.

• L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center.

Known cancellations of meetings or events planned in Arizona:

• National Minority Suppliers Development Council Inc. is moving its fall Phoenix convention to Florida. Seven thousand were expected to attend.

• Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., the oldest African-American Greek-lettered fraternity, canceled a July meeting at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel. Five thousand were expected to attend. Convention moved to Las Vegas.

• American Immigration Lawyers Association canceled its fall conference at the Camelback Inn in Paradise Valley.

• National Urban League issued a rebuke of the city and suspended consideration of Phoenix’s bid to host its 2012 annual conference.

• National Autonomous University of Mexico has canceled its exchange program with the University of Arizona.

• Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí has canceled its exchange program with the University of Arizona.

• Club América, one of Mexico’s biggest soccer teams, canceled its exhibition match against Club de Fútbol Pachuca scheduled for July 7 at University of Phoenix Stadium. Gilbert-based event promoters will likely move the match to California.

• Representatives of the Mexican state of Sonora announced they would not attend the annual meeting of the Sonora-Arizona Commission, scheduled to take place June 3-4 in Phoenix.

• Mexico’s six border governors announced they would boycott the 28th annual U.S.-Mexico Border Governors Conference if it is held as scheduled in Phoenix in September.

• In the Chicago area, the Highland Park High School girls varsity basketball team canceled a trip to play in a basketball tournament, citing “safety concerns” related to the new law. According to a story on chicagobreakingnews.com, the trip also “would not be aligned with our beliefs and values,” said District 113 Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson.

• Glass Art Society of Seattle canceled a 2011 conference in Tucson.

• National Association of Black Accountants canceled a 2012 conference in Phoenix.

• National Urban League canceled a 2012 conference in Phoenix.

Public bodies that announced Arizona boycotts:

Denver Public Schools banned work-related travel to the state.

Supporters organizing events or “buycotts” because of backlash from Arizona’s immigration law:

• Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and Tea Party Patriots Live are planning a rally from 4-7 p.m. June 12 in support of the state of Arizona, SB 1070, and the enforcement of existing border and immigration laws. The event is planned for Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, 1649 W. Adams St., Phoenix.

Other actions for and against:

• Costa Mesa (Calif.) City Council votes unanimously to declare itself a “rule of law city” where illegal immigrants are not welcome.

• San Diego City Council on May 3 urges Arizona to repeal the law.

• City of Pasadena on May 18 approves resolution condemning Arizona’s immigration law.

• League of United Latin American Citizens urges companies such as Frito-Lay not to sponsor Arizona sporting events, such as the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in Glendale.

• Hudspeth County (Texas) commissioners vote 2-1 on May 11 to adopt a resolution supporting Arizona’s new immigration law.

• Fulton County (Ga.) Board of Commissioners votes May 19 to oppose Arizona’s law.

• Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak on April 30 urges city employees not to travel to Arizona.

• American Anthropological Association condemns SB 1070 and refuses to have meetings in Arizona until the law is repealed or struck down.

• Sound Strike is a movement launched online to organize artists to boycott Arizona. It is being led by Zack de la Rocha of the band Rage Against the Machine. More than a dozen musical groups have signed on as well as movie maker Michael Moore.

• Tacoma (Wash.) City Council on May 25 approves a resolution condemning Arizona’s law as encouraging racial profiling and dropped earlier language that called for a city boycott on business and travel to Arizona.

• Milwaukee Area Technical College Board directs staff May 25 to refrain from buying goods from any Arizona-based company and from sending employees to meetings or conferences.

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/business/articles/2010/05/30/20100530biz-immigration-boycotts-list0530.html#ixzz0qMsggpFo

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