Musicians Boycott Arizona

Posted on June 8, 2010


I know that like all news, what is important today is not all the important tomorrow. But everyday there are more and more people turning against the state of Arizona. Now we have a long list of musicians that want to boycott the state because of the new law. They are refusing to perform and are turning down jobs they already had. Some of it though genuine is truly laughable. They must know that by voicing their opinion that they will fall under the scrutiny of the public eye. And that just like them, conclusions will be drawn.

The first conclusion would be that they are, like most, very misinformed. They have taken the law and instead of reading it and understanding what it says , they have just joined the band wagon of so many others, and are using it for their own personal gains. The law though very specific in it’s wording , always seems to be misunderstood by most and always to the side of the illegals. The side of the real citizen is never part of the process of finding value or fault in the law.

Now since the law was designed as a tool to help with some of the problems in the state, anyone who wants to fight the law must not want to help law enforcement or help the state or it’s law biding citizens with any of there problems. You also must want to support the right of illegals to rape little children. You also must support the murder of Americans by people illegally in this country. You are also in favor of crimes of break ins , muggings and property vandalism. To say the very least you are in favor of people who commit multiple crimes in this country who by law should not be here to begin with. You are supporting in a very large way crimes against Americans. You are also in favor of people who have been caught in this country and deported and then returning to once again get involved in crimes against citizens of the this country.

Not all who come here are the people who we have just discussed. But an ever growing number of people who are here illegally are these people. And by arguing about the law you are also making it easier for some of the worst along with the good to be here and never be stopped. You are also turning you back on the people in other countries who are following the rules set up by both their government and ours to legally immigrate to the United States. You are also forcing the American people to support an ever growing population of illegals in this country with school and medical services at the expense of all tax payers. And at the cost of citizens who are also eligible for these benefits.

The truth is , if you want to draw a line in the sand, be careful about the side your going to stand on. You should also make sure you have all the real facts about something before you voice your opinion and support anything. The real boycott should come not against Arizona but by Americans who think it is always better to stand up for one of there own then to side with those that are here to do us harm. This simplistic answer you people have found and stand for should have consequences . At the end of this there will be a list of some of the links and of some of the people who are now finding it easier to hurt Americans by supporting people who are not legally in this country.

You think in some small way you are helping them. But you are doing more to hurt good people than you know. You want them to be here and then you want to turn your back on them and think everything will just be fine. Why, if you want to help the good ones , would you not want the law breaking ones to leave? Why wouldn’t you want to turn your support to those that the law could never be used against. All the ones who are here who don’t break the law on a daily basis. You are all protecting the absolute wrong group of people.

For as much as I personally love music. I love Americans and America more. There is no way I could ever support you in your decision and I firmly hope that most intelligent Americans will do the same. Where was your support for the 12 year old girl who was raped in Arizona? Where was all your support for the farmer who was killed on his own property by illegals? Where was the outrage over the women who was raped and killed by an illegal who had already been deported multiple times? Where is the complete disgust over the cartels who are making illegals bring drugs into this country at the tune of 40 billion dollars a year?  The ones that have already proven they will kill anyone who stands in their way.

Learn you lesson well here. They all want to boycott against American Citizens, maybe it’s time to send them packing too.


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