Hurricane will make the oil slick better?

Posted on June 4, 2010


The President has spoken. He said that if there were to be a hurricane it would help to disperse the oil in the gulf. This is a pretty interesting take on this. There is no doubt it will churn the slick and send the oil everywhere. But with the storm comes the surging water onto the coast. You would have to assume that would at first send more oil onto the coast and farther inland then it would naturally be if there were no storm. It sounds like it would maybe cure some of the problem. Mother nature has a way of cleaning up whatever man has done. But it also will contaminate more land than we will ever be able to clean up.

We can go round and round about the pro and con of what a hurricane will do or not do. But that is not really the issue. What needs to happen before we wait for this test of man vs nature is to get the oil out of the gulf before the first hurricane. Doing things in a big way is what Americans do. We should have every available ship in the world right now in the gulf removing the oil.  The world should be in awe of the response we should be displaying right now. It should have been in shock at the speed with which we responded to the leak. Neither of those to things happened. And that is very frustrating. The President is not responsible for the leak. But if the response to the oil leak was half as swift as the response was to the Arizona Law, there would be no oil in the marsh lands right now.

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