Things We Learned in May

Posted on June 1, 2010


We all have learned so much it’s hard to find a place to start. So not in any order, here are some of the things.

We learned from the head of Homeland Security that being illegally in this country is NOT  doing anything legally wrong. We learned that BP, and this one will shock you, lied about how much oil was spilling out of their damaged well. We also learned that if they would have just shut down the well two days before , when they were having problems, none of this would have happened. We also now know that , not only do they not have a plan in place to clean up any oil spill, neither does the Federal Government. We learned that we can not only have the President of a foreign country come here and pass judgment on our policies, he can get a standing ovation for doing so. We learned that the President of this country can and will refuse to honor any law that he deems not worthy. We also learned that ICE can and will pick and choose who they will or will not pick up and process, even though their only job is to do just that. And they will do so with the backing of the entire Federal Government.  We learned that even though Americans are being put in harms way, other Americans will turn their backs on them and openly boycott them. We learned that most Americans , aside from the start of summer and a big BBB, have no clue what Memorial Day is all about. We learned that even if 20,000 people and countless numbers of ships are deployed, oil will still hit the coast line if they have no plan of attack and the ships stay docked because no one told them what to do. We even learned that California is going bankrupt and has had to cut all services to it’s people to try to balance their budget, but they still refuse to do anything about their illegal population that is costing them 10.5 billion dollars a year. We have just learned we had better do a better job with our illegals or they will protest for better treatment and cost us more to clean up the mess they leave behind at their rally. ( How about if you don’t like what you see, leave and go the hell back home or anywhere else.) We learned that you can speak your mind about a Bill and put it down even if you have never read the Bill. It doesn’t matter. We learned that the EPA can tell you what not to use to disperse the oil, but can’t tell you what you should be using. ( very confusing) We learned that even in the face of the biggest disaster to hit this country, maybe ever, and with the job market in this country disappearing as we speak. There is always time to push an agenda that hurts Americans and American to provide protection to any illegal in this country. We have learned even in the face of eminent danger the best we can do to protect America is send 1200 troops, unarmed, to guard our border. Just remember on the other side,22,700 people have been murdered since Dec. 2006 in a drug war aimed squarely at entering this country. We learned if your an illegal, come here and have your baby for free. If your an American not only will you pay for that baby. Your going to have to pay for your own also. As an illegal you have the RIGHT to free health care. As an American you have the RIGHT to be billed 10 trillion dollars for a health care program that does not even cover all Americans. We have learned so much more, but to be honest , it’s just to depressing to go on.

So if it’s true what they say, education is power and the key to understanding, then what have we learned? We learned that Americans really do have their priorities all screwed up. We have learned that it doesn’t pay to legally be here. And we have learned that the protection we think the government is providing us for big oil to big any business is none existent. And we learned that from the President on down the line, you don’t have to obey all the laws, just the ones you agree with. And even though it may just be your job to provide security or to seek and deport illegals , if you don’t agree don’t do it. You have that right.

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