Protesting in Arizona

Posted on June 1, 2010


Now this is just ridiculous. All those people protesting in Arizona over the new law should be ashamed of themselves. Your out in the streets protesting for illegals and one of your own was killed by one and you did nothing. Sorry for this but, just who’s FN side are you on here? Your all going to just stand there and turn your backs on , by all accounts, a good guy and a good American? Every time I see you people protesting the new law, it make me sick to my stomach. What the hell is really wrong with you people? You live there and know what a lot of people can never understand. Or are all of you so blind and dumb that you can’t see what your doing? Understand this, if even one of you turncoats should ever wind up on the wrong side of all the violence coming your way, as an American I take your side. Not because you deserve it, but because your one of many. Get the big picture? We’re Americans first. All of us, together. Your standing there trying your best to take away the only tools you will have in the future to protect yourselves from the rapes and the murders and the drugs and the cartel violence. Nice job!!!! Can’t wait for all of you to figure out how dumb you are and cry for help. This is just how naive you are. Your pretending it doesn’t exist or that it will never happen. But it does and soon it will be happening in a neighborhood near you. Are you really so self loathing that you can’t see that this is bigger than the so called rights of a few people. Who by the way showed you absolutely no respect what so ever when the invaded your country. I have tried to be very middle of the road on this but just like those people your going to push and push till there is no recourse but to just get angry. Very sorry but any American that would march with those protesters is a fool. And any illegal that is marching with them should just FN go back from where they came if they don’t like it here. This is really simple stuff. And before we go to much farther. The law would only apply to someone who is here illegally and was doing something else to break still another law. This is who your fighting for? A two time law breaking illegal that didn’t have the common sense to keep his or her nose clean after they broke into your country.

I’ve seen many foolish things happen in this country in my lifetime, and this unfortunately is not the worst of them. But it certainly ranks right up there. You want to fight for someone who shouldn’t be here by their own actions and you want to at the expense of other Americans. Your real fight is to keep the good ones here. Not the law breaking ones that are involved in multiple crimes. Remember this, the law is the law. It is not just for Mexican illegals. But all illegals. Do you want to over turn the law and have it apply to everyone?

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