The Gulf Spill

Posted on May 31, 2010


The oil has been leaking since April. So where have we gotten since then? Lots of finger point by all parties and even more talking about what everyone is doing. But the oil has not only hit the marsh lands of LA, it is still coming. We have been told we’re doing everything possible to to minimize the problem but everyday we see more and more oil coming onto the coast. Being told that we are doing all we can and seeing it are just two different things. You would think that every night on the news we would see ships out there skimming the oil. But we don’t. We’re told that now the Federal Government is taking charge of this disaster. But where is a concrete plan? Not once has anyone said , today we recovered “x” amount of oil that will never hit our shore line. Even CNN News has said they can’t find any ships doing anything out there. But they have found ships docked waiting for instructions about what to do. Like many Americans, hearing what your going to do and seeing it get done are two different things to us. We are a “can do” society. We always have been. You can’t blame the President for the leak. The cleanup is going to be another story. Why hasn’t every piece of equipment designed to clean the spill up been deployed. Other country have the equipment available , so why isn’t it here? Why wasn’t more of the leaking oil cleaned up before it hit the coast? Where are all the pictures of ships cleaning up the oil? Since the battle between BP and EPA started over the type of dispersant to use, has the EPA found one that they can tell them to use? From what anyone can tell, there was no way to ever stop the oil from hitting the coast. This may be the cold truth. But every drop of crude taken from the gulf before it hit land would have been one less small area contaminated by that oil. So again, why isn’t the gulf covered by ships of all sizes, even row boats picking up as much as is humanly possible? Maybe in the long run it doesn’t matter. But it would have gone a long way to making people feel like they at least tried. And the other thing is that by being involved and not just sitting behind a desk, maybe someone could have had an idea about something else to do.

BP will most likely not cap this well anytime soon. So someone needs to rethink what is going on. Even if the well is capped today , there will still be crude hitting the coast for months to come.  It seems like not just anyone, but everyone, needs to be out there cleaning it up before it hits land. Hearing about all the man power and the ships is fine. Seeing them in action would be better. As for the cost, well stopping it before it comes ashore can never outweigh the cost of it hitting the marshlands. The gulf right now should look like Fleet Week on steroids right now. And by all accounts it does not. It may not have been done from the beginning like it should have. Starting it right now, doing everything possible, is still the only answer we have.

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