Memorial Day

Posted on May 29, 2010


Take some time out of your busy schedule and forget for one minute that your a Republican or a Democrat or anything else. Clear your mind of all the things right or wrong and take one minute to remember. Remember all the men and woman who over the long history of this great nation have given their lives for the freedom we all cherish so dearly. Remember that if it wasn’t for all those who have come before us and given their lives we would not be here today in a country where we can live our lives and speak our minds. Remember those who have returned to us and understand that they were ready and willing to make that ultimate sacrifice so that others could live their lives without fear.

At 3 PM local time on Memorial Day stand for one minute as a ” National Moment of Remembrance. We do this to honor those that have died for our freedom. Find a veteran and thank them for their unwavering commitment to keeping this country what it is, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Reflect on all the rights and freedom we have in this country. Freedom is not something that comes free. Freedom comes at a very high price. It’s not something that should be taken lightly nor is it something to abuse. We should never forget what it has cost us or the sacrifice and commitment of others so that we can enjoy it.

This Memorial Day pray for all the fallen soldiers who have given their lives so that we could be free. Thank all those who have served in the past. Thank those who are serving as we speak. Pray for their safe return, and  for all the men and women in this country serving in the armed forces, who do their duty everyday so that we can live safe and free in the greatest country on earth.

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