Posted on May 24, 2010


More than 30 days into the oil leak in the gulf and all we know so far is that more oil is coming out than we were told in the first days that the accident started. The oil is now hitting the coast and we still have no real firm plan to do anything about that. They are going to try to seal the well but nobody knows if it will work. And if it still continues to leak even in small amounts there is no talk of how to control that leak. And yes, hurricane season is going to officially start in a week. What is going to happen to all that oil then? More importantly, what is going to happen the next time there is a major calamity on an oil platform? So far we know the preparedness of any Federal plan isn’t going to be enough. Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans and the only people still talking about the disaster are the ones who live there. Once this oil well gets capped we’ll spend some time talking, but in the end all those people and beaches that were effected by the oil will be the only ones still talking about it. Because they’re the only ones that still have to live it everyday. Where is the outrage about the oil? Where is the swift action of Congress passing a law that will insure this type of spill can never happen again? In the past 30 days we have had more news on the illegal immigrant situation in this country than almost anything else. And just like this problem with the oil,instead of protecting America, we have turned our attention to protecting everything but America. How is it possible that the BBC News has run more stories about the violence in Mexico than we are being told here? How is it possible that the violence that is now in this Country is so far removed from the mainstream that Americans would be more willing to turn there backs on fellow countryman to protect some childish notion that the people crossing our borders are all good decent people? Where was the collective show of hands from California , Colorado, Illinois or Washington for the the American Farmer that was killed in Arizona? Why wasn’t the President of Mexico put in his place and asked why His country doesn’t patrol the border well enough to stop the flow of guns into His country? By His logic that the guns coming into Mexico are our problem only, then the flow of illegals and drugs into this country is his problem. But no apology was given by Him to Us. Instead He told America that His countries drug violence was because of America’s love of illegal drugs. Has anyone ever asked themselves why would Mexico want to lose all those good honest hardworking people and not want them back?

With all of these problems the answer is always the same. The uninformed, lead by leadership that has no plan or answer to any real problem, takes charge and in time hopes it will just go away. What is the plan for all that oil in the gulf? Who is going to fix all the damage done by that oil in the years to come? Why wasn’t there a plan already in place for just such a disaster? Someone needs to explain why there is a real lack of leadership on all of these issues. Someone really needs to explain why we still have so much time to tackle all the meaningless things and why we are not focussing on the real issue of jobs in this country. The dream of a global economy is just that, a dream. No economy in an industrialized country can compete with products made in country that does not hold workers pay scales and heath regulations to our standards.

So what do we do? Where is the answer to all of this? You are the answer. Question, question, question. Everything. Open your eyes and take a good look around and see if you like what you see? Stop thinking that life is so simple you only need to hear one side of something to make an educated decision .  Take 5 minutes out of your life everyday and start getting involved in your life. Just start by asking, why. Why, isn’t the border closed? Why, isn’t there a plan to clean up the oil? Why, isn’t the Government protecting the people of Arizona? And when you get past some of the WHYS you can start on the What. What, about your human rights?

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