President Obama

Posted on May 20, 2010


Make no mistake what the president said today. He wants the border closed , both ways, in and out. He wants a path to citizenship for illegals. He said they should pay a fine, pay all back taxes and SPEAK ENGLISH. Don’t let these words get lost or changed by anyone in Congress. And don’t stand for one being contingent on the other. Close the border and then work out the problems of dealing with illegals. And don’t stop there. Make Congress pass a law making english the National Language  of the United States. Why is that such a problem? It’s what the founding fathers spoke. It’s what every immigrant has learned to do in our history. You want to live here, then speak the language. Lets make it a common sense issue. This nonsense of printing every form in every language is ridiculous at best. And if your confused, do you think our good neighbor to the south prints all their documents in different languages? Another policy that has proven to do more harm than good.

And for the record. Cinco de Mayo has limited significance and celebration nationwide in Mexico. It is not there Independence Day. But nice job sticking up for those American Kids who were told to go home from school. It just may be time to rethink some things in this country. We are Americans. We speak english. There is no free ride here. And if you are selected to become a citizen, plan on working hard at it. WE DON’T TAKE BEING A CITIZEN LIGHTLY HERE.

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