Calderon Visits WH

Posted on May 20, 2010


Strangely, the Mexican President is very opposed to Arizona’s law on immigration. He wants all immigrants to be treated fairly. But speaking fairly, since when is it fair or right for a foreign leader to come to this country or any country and interfere with that countries internal policies. And in truth, if he believes the law passed to be so unfair, he should look to his countries policy on illegal immigration. When will someone call him out on what happens in Mexico to illegals crossing the souther border of that country from central and south america? When will he start to take some responsibility for the murderers and rapists his country has allowed to cross our border. He speaks like many other people in this country looking only to the good side of people. But where is the outrage over the bad ones. Notice , no apology given for those people. Non given about his failure to stop the illegal drug trade crossing our border either. No in essence his only remakes were to put down Americans trying to protect themselves.

And as for the LAW. For the last time, stop making it into something it is not. YOU CANNOT BE STOPPED BECAUSE YOUR A MEXICAN OR ANY OTHER RACE. Funny, but all the great legal minds of this country can’t seem to understand that. And not a one of them can understand that the law doesn’t just pertain to Mexicans. But they would have you believe it does. And as for the problem of guns crossing the border for the USA to Mexico. We somehow need to apologize for not doing a better job to control that. But He makes not apology or takes any responsibility for His role in not protecting His own borders. As Americans, he said this clearly, His war on drugs would not be as hard if we didn’t want the drugs so badly. Again no apology for the tremendous amount of death and destruction he is unable to stop from crossing over the border. But a very strong and unwarranted opinion about how we are dealing with it. When is enough an-enough. From the leader of a country that has corruption at every level of government and in every law enforcement agency including the National Army, and has one of the worlds worst records of human rights abuses. In a place where the economy would virtually crumble if it wasn’t for the USA and money sent back to Mexico by all the illegals here, to say anything at all about how we want or need to protect ourselves is ridiculous. To come here and make any negative comment about this country while your hand is out looking for more is insane.

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