BP and the oil leak

Posted on May 20, 2010


Shocking news from BP. There may be more oil leaking than reported. First of all, they had no idea how much oil was coming out when they were working the well? And nobody could do the math and come up with a rough but fairly accurate estimate? Seems more likely that all the people involved have been skirting the truth so they look better. Sending out misinformation to control the outrage. Playing down what is going on at the expense of all the people who will have to live with mess much longer than BP will ever have to pay them back. The mess is here and little can be done to change that. But lets not kid our selves that more about this is going to come out. Things that should have come out the day the accident happened. How can you not know the amount of oil that can escape through a pipe of a set diameter ? How was it that the “FAIL-SAFE” failed? What happens now that we know the only protection we have from a repeat of this disaster can never be trusted again? Where is the paperwork on the testing of the Fail-safe device? Where are all the safety reports and incident reports from the rig? And if the drilling of the second well to cap this one off is our only option to stop the oil flow, will that be a mandate for all wells around the US coast line? No one seems to be asking much. And nobody is saying anything about the other wells.

Just remember now how long it has taken Congress to even question the amount of oil leaking. Capping the well now does nothing to address the amount of oil that is now hitting the coast. One month later and we have no real plan to cap, repair the damage or prevent this from happening again. Wouldn’t you have thought that with all the oil rigs all over the gulf coast that someone would have a plan to do something in the event that this would happen. But we did not. This work as you go on the part of the Federal Government is getting old. Look at New Orleans, has that problem been solved? Will the next big storm undo all the work that has been do so far? And why did we put all that effort into it and not get a situation where we could guarantee  New Orleans would never suffer the same fate again. Starting to sound like the oil rigs problem? It will happen again. And we will be no more prepared for it then we are now. Just go back and look at the hearings. BP’s response to the questions of payment for the damages caused by the leak. WE WILL HONOR ALL LEGITIMATE CLAIMS !!! And exactly who will determine what is legitimate ? And how long will people have to fight to prove their claim is legitimate against a big oil companies money?

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