THE “BILL” Still

Posted on May 19, 2010


One police officer said that before the bill was signed people used to wave to me. Now they won’t make eye contact with me. Two are raising questions about it’s effect on fighting crime in Hispanic communities. Police bosses from 2 States say it will suck up vital resources and destroy delicate relationships with immigrant communities if it were implemented in their States. Still others say no matter how hard you try not to profile, enforcing the law will inevitably lead to it.

All very real consequences of the law passed in Arizona. So what should be done? Nothing??!!! That isn’t an answer. But these and other points are no less valid. But there is the other side of all of this. Starting with the fact that many illegals in this country never do anything wrong so they have no contact with law enforcement. And having read the law, it doesn’t seem likely that a person reporting a crime would be subjected to questions about their immigration status. It also seems to me that many of these worries are being overly exaggerated and working under the premise that all illegals are law-abiding citizens. Clearly this is not the case. The law clearly states that if you are involved in a crime your legal status can and will be put in question. You can color this any way you like , but this doesn’t seem like the worst thing to ever happen. If any person is involved in some type of unlawful act, the police automatically run that persons name through a data base to check if there is any outstanding warrants or his driving record. So in this light, why is this any different. Would the alternative be better here? Not checking even if you suspected a person, and just letting him go on his merry way and finding out later that the same guy was involved in a drug related shooting and some innocent child was killed. I say this because if everyones argument is going to be towards the good side of people, isn’t it just as likely it can be towards the bad. And I strongly object to the position that most people feel that the people we trust to enforce the law cannot somehow be trusted to make a right call on this. The simple truth is whatever side you want to be on, should they remain here or should they be sent back, it still doesn’t change the fact that to get caught up in the Arizona Law, you would first have to be involved in somehow breaking the law. And then you would have to be here illegally. The law is at this time a necessary part of our current situation. Illegals in this country do account for a big part of our lives. But they also account for a large part of our crime. And the cost of having these people living here is becoming astronomical. Just look at the poster state for illegals. California just slashed their budget buy cutting heath services and welfare. But most of that money would be saved if their illegal problem just went away. At a cost of 10.5 billion dollars per year to support illegals in the state, people living there legally would not be having such a rough time now.

Laws are written to protect the innocent. Without the strict enforcement of the law,  life would become unbearable in a very short amount of time. And sometimes it’s important to understand that even though you think it doesn’t seem fair or “American” there are two sides that need to be addressed. In Arizona alone you will find that at the hands of illegals, some not from Mexico, Women and children, yes children, have been raped. Men and women legally living here have been murdered. American citizens have been killed or injured by illegals driving drunk. Countless amounts of property loss crimes have been attributed to illegals in this country. This is not to make anyone believe that all illegals are this type of person. It may be only a small portion of illegals doing these crimes. It is also not to say that if they weren’t here there would be no crime. We have more than our fair share of sick people living here legally. But it also doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t protect ourselves from people who want to harm us. Profiling and human rights violations are words used to protect illegals in this country. And what about the same words being used to protect people who live here? There is this hypocrisy when it comes to being politically  correct. Not all Americans believe that the answer is to deport all illegals. Some have gone as far as to help them in their journey into this country. But the question becomes where is the balance. To help anyone you must first help and protect yourself. The solution to a problem can never be to cause another problem. For all the rights you may want to believe these illegals have, the first and foremost rights you need to consider are the rights of Americans. We have every right to expect that we should live in a lawful safe country. If the rights of one person who is illegally here have to be put second to the rights of all the people who reside here legally, then that will have to be a normal exchange. Anyone who thinks that protecting the rights of the people living in this country should be put on the back burner is wrong. Anyone who feels we should not use every tool necessary  to remove certain people from this country is grossly confused about where his or her loyalty should lie. If you feel strongly about some of the innocent ones being caught up in the policy of the Arizona law, then petition your government to make some change for these people to return or to be handled on an individual basis. Stopping the enforcement of the law is not the answer. The enforcement of the law will only help to protect people, like the farmer who was shot or the 11 year old who was raped or the many others that have been directly involved in the violence that some of these people are bringing here.

But the reality is that nothing we do about this issue will solve anything. All we will get accomplished is to fight and argue with ourselves. And in the meantime more and more people will cross over that border to the USA. If the Arizona law that is the center of Americans boycotting other Americans over what to do with an illegal population that is already here. No American will win. Take either side. Find the bad one, find the good one, deport them. They will be back in 6 days or less. The only real answer to all of this is to close the border. Make it impossible for anyone to cross over without being checked. And that is something that no American can argue. Then start a process of bringing back the few good ones that were sent back. Legally . But the protection of every American is where we should all stand united. We have the right to know who is here. We have  a duty to all citizens to know who is here. And yes they have the right not to be taken advantage of because they are here. The law is here to protect not to harm. But how anyone living here can just overlook some of the bad things that have happened and not want to correct that is simply amazing. The first obligation we have is to this country and to it’s people. Next would be to the people who immigrate. We need to know as people that they will fall under the same protections we all live by. Under the system now in place, no one is getting that protection. We have allowed it to happen wrong for so long we think it’s the way it should be. But if you just think, you’ll see that we are all, both sides, losing. Getting one murderer, one child molester, one rapist or one drug dealer off the streets should be our number one priority. To continue to fight to stop that from happening because of the cry of “profiling” is insanity .

Stop listening to the uninformed. Stop listening to people telling you only half the story. Take 5 minutes out of your life and find the answers yourself. Make an informed decision. Stop listening to your elected officials on the left tell you that they can be stopped because of the color of their skin. That is not the law nor is it the intent of the law. Start to question why someone in office would want to take any stand based in misinformation and not take the side of even one American who has lost his life due to an illegal. Ask yourself why the border is still not closed? Now ask your Elected Representatives in Washington to explain to you why the Border still isn’t closed? Ask them why if you elected them , why are they turning their backs on you and fighting to protect people who are not legally supposed to be in America? ASK THEM WHO’S SIDE ARE THEY ON?

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