New Immigration Law

Posted on May 19, 2010


Listening to the Presidents joint press conference with His Mexican counterpart a few thoughts come to mind. Most of what he said about the border and about illegals in this Country make perfectly good sense. He is most definitely heading in the right direction. If he was to stand firm on the things he said today, most Americans would welcome Federal law to back this up. The timing is now for this to happen. The longer Congress takes to enact any new policy the more frustrated Americans will become. I believe His only misstep was that he needs Republicans to back up the Bill. His fight is going to be with His own party on some of this. Now as far as the law just passed in Arizona. We need to drop the debate before the only thing that happens is more time wasted on something that in the end will mean very little. Once a comprehensive law is passed at the Federal level Arizona will no longer need to try to enforce a State law. His message to close the border and control what and who crosses the border from both directions is sound. His message to illegals that they need to learn english, pay a penalty and pay back taxes is by far not only acceptable but very reasonable. But for right now if we cannot work out a way to deal with the people who are here we need to separate that from the border issue. That should not be up for debate. It needs to closed and should get all of both the House and Senate to approve that vote. This needs to be put into two separate voting issues. This will avoid any delay in closing the border. Don’t allow this to become a standard Washington boondoggle. This needed to be done yesterday. Protecting our Border is the most important aspect of what was said today. The rest will in time work itself out. But we need to keep up the pressure. Demand from Washington that this does not become a long drawn out debate or a Bill that includes other pointless parts to BUY someone’s vote to pass it. A Bill designed to protect Americans and to protect the American border   should take less time than any other Bill has ever needed to pass and to enact.

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