Close the Border Now

Posted on May 16, 2010


I was in shock to learn the 22,000 people have been killed since 2006 in Mexico due to drug related fighting. But this has no words to express what I feel right now. More Americans have been killed in the United States at the hands of Illegals then all the Troops we have lost in both of our current wars. The numbers aren’t even close. Ten times is a very conservative estimate . What the hell are we doing? I don’t know what should be done with all the illegals in this country. It is a very complicated  issue. And no one story will ever get to a satisfactory conclusion . But I do know this. Looking at the numbers of murders, drunk driving deaths, sexual assaults and child molestation’s at the hands of illegals, I know it’s time to send troops to the border and to close it down immediately. Not knowing how to handle the people that are already here is a fair enough debate. But lets stop how many we have to sort out later. Increasing the population of people we have no clue what to do with is insane. Where is the outrage? Where are all the protesters? Where is the Government? And why haven’t they done anything? Everyday more than 20 people die in this country at the hand of a person who shouldn’t be here. EVERYDAY!!!!! These number will go up when you start to factor in that the drug cartels from Mexico are right now setting up shop in this country. These are some of the most violent anyone has ever seen. In Mexico they are responsible for not only waging war with each other they are responsible for the deaths of civilians, Mayors, Police, Elected Officials and anyone and everyone that stands in their way. How long before it all that starts here? Because you don’t hear about it on your local news doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Read what the BBC News had to say about all this in April , .

They all know this in Washington. Mrs. Clinton was just there. They read all the reports. But where is the news? Why are we so uninformed? We have guns coming from the USA to Mexico and drugs coming from Mexico to the USA. And whenever the subject comes up all we can do is fight about leaving the illegals alone. We want to stand together and boycott Arizona for doing something they should never have had to do if Your Government was doing it’s job in the first place. There are readily available crime statistics for what illegals do in this Country. And there are news reports everyday about the violence in Mexico stemming from drug cartel violence. If your reading this you have access to all the information you need. It’s online for you to see even if American Media refuses to tell you. And yet we debate and point fingers and spin wheels so it just doesn’t have to get done. It needs to be done. It needed to be done yesterday. This country is being invaded and we need to fight that battle now. Our policy needs to be simple. Nothing comes in and nothing goes out. Unless we say so. If you’ve never gotten involved before now is the time. Read what’s going on in Mexico and ask yourself if you want that here. Do it to protect America and Americans for the absolute horror that is going on south of our border.

Just saw this on TV. If you do nothing else at least do this. Go to the web site and sign the petition  now.

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