Modernize the American Legal System

Posted on May 15, 2010


The Health Care Bill passes. But no one in Congress admits to reading it. AG Holder calls Arizona’s new law un-constitutional, potentially racist, discriminatory. Going as far to say the Federal Government will challenge the new law. But when asked if he has read it? His answer is, NO. House Speaker addresses a group of illegals in California and tells them she is fighting for them. The person in the third highest office in the COUNTRY speaks to a group of people who have broken the laws of this Country and says she will fight for them. A Congressman goes to a rally to protest the new Arizona law and fully expects to get arrested there. And he did.

This must be the, continuing the tradition of modernizing the American legal system that Mr. Holder spoke about at Columbia University Law School. I will admit that not going to law school, it is a little hard for me to follow. But I’m a fast learner. So here it is. When laws need to be past there is no need to read them. Just vote and when you have enough votes you win. When the Speaker of the House goes to a rally of illegals she has every right to insure them that She will fight for them. She has no real obligation to fight for the America or Americans that voted Her into office.  Happy to know Her hands weren’t tied on this. When a person is Elected to serve the people and to Write the laws for said people, They don’t have to obey them because they are in Congress. The laws are for the little people. In three States hit hard in this economy, we have two Congressman frantically trying to repeal Arizona’s new law and one Governor who thinks that making a joke, in poor taste I might add, about the law just passed. But if you’d like to joke back at him, tell him the large cuts he just made to health and welfare and services in his State wouldn’t be necessary if they didn’t spend 10 .5 BILLION DOLLARS a year because of illegals living in his State. And as for all the rest. You’d think they would be spending all there time and energy to get their own State economy going. And leave a State with more problems than they have to do what they have to do to protects Americans who live there.

Have we all gone crazy? Our elected officials are spending more time and energy protecting people who have no right to be here at our expense. The highest law official in the country passes judgment on something and admits he doesn’t really have all the facts. And in all of this not a one of these people has ever mentioned Robert Krentz. Or what they will do about this matter. Or how they will guarantee that something like this will never happen to another American. And why would they, his family has been farming  that land since 1907. Like the rest of us , he doesn’t really count.

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