I’ve seen the light

Posted on May 14, 2010


After much thought , I’ve come to the conclusion that the left is right. We should not close the border to Mexico. Hell we should do our best to stop all patrolling it immediately . We should just allow all the illegals that are here to stay and we should do our very best to encourage more to come here and do the same. We need to make it much easier for them to send money back to their own countries. And we should do our best to make sure the nasty right doesn’t try to pass any laws to make things harder for them once they’re here. And Congress should do all they can to repeal the new law in Arizona because it does single Latino’s out. And yes, even though they, the Latino’s , are the ones we are looking for, we need to understand that in spite of everything, they are only here to make a better life for themselves. Now the simple truth that they are making it harder for all Americans should not be an issue. We have had it so good for so long , we need to look at others and want them to have what we have. There has been all this talk about drug cartels coming here and supplying the USA with drugs. Well lots of Americans take drugs  so how can that be a problem? I have read many lengthy articles about the gun trade over the border. Our economy is faltering right now so this too is a win win situation. We sell them guns and they bring them back to Mexico so the drug cartels can arm themselves against the Mexican Police. And in the end we stimulate Our economy and we still get the drugs we crave.

We have been looking at this all wrong for so long. Yes there will be some American casualties but that will most likely end when we all just embrace the new system we are fighting right now. Many members of Congress already agree on this. Which is why they are being so vocal in their fight to just allow illegals to enter the Country. They can’t be wrong if we were the ones who elected them to do their jobs. And as for all the talk about how much it really cost the American tax payer to keep all these illegals here. Well look if we didn’t spend that money on them we would only be either paying less taxes or getting more money back from our taxes. And everybody should agree that we don’t deserve either of those things.

So please stop al this fighting. Lets do our best to keep these people here and lets make it easier for them to come here. I for one feel better knowing that instead of being greedy and wanting all the benefits I could be getting, that I’m giving them to people who are so much more deserving than I am. And can we please stop referring to them as illegals. It’s just so un-American. Our Speaker of the House was so right when she said we should let them live here in peace and give them free access to the American dream.

After all We were either born here with those rights of were Naturalized to earn those rights and look what we have become. A Nation that can’t even vote the right people into office to preserve those rights. And one last thing. So they would like to fly the Mexican flag on U.S. soil. Let them. At least they still have enough pride in Their Country to want to do and to fight to do it. We should have all ethnic groups doing more of that. And at schools all across this Country we should celebrate every holiday not known to Americans. They could all become our new National Holidays. The ones we have have been getting a little stale anyway. And just look at the bright side. We can all have so many more days off every year. Well for most people here. Real American Citizens will still have to go to work on those days because someone will have to pay to fund these things. But, We should all be willing to do that. After all We all have so much more than they do.

Your thinking where will all this money come from? If we stop looking for them, and stop arresting them, and if we stop spending all that money to patrol the border we will have so much money we could even set up a limo service to take them here and still come out ahead. Yes a limo service is a bit over the top. Maybe just large air conditioned buses.

We should all write of elected officials and apologize to them for making this so hard. They have been fighting so hard for these people and we have been making it just so tough for them. No matter what State you live in, please write to Congress today and tell them to write the check they need to and send it to California immediately. It is after all a favorite spot for illegals to reside and I for one do not want to look like a bad host and deny any of them whatever free things I should be sending there way. One last apology , I did use that word again in the last sentence. But until they tell what they would like me to call them, I had no choice. And if there is something I left out please feel free to tell my Congressman so he can give you something more and force me to pay for it. It’s the New American Way.

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