Arizona Again

Posted on May 13, 2010


Look who’s turning against Arizona now? LA’s city council has just approved a sweeping boycott of Arizona. Citing the law just passed in Arizona as racial profiling. Under their very loose definition and misinterpretation of the law, no police force in the world could ever do their job. And no one will ever be able to check anyone in this country about their legal status. We elect our officials to represent US. Why in a State, that is going to be need of a Government bailout, looking to pass any laws that do not directly promote income or work for that State? The answer is obvious, We now have yet another group of elected officials Spending more time representing people from another Country than doing the job they were elected to do. REPRESENT AND SERVE THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM. As for the people of California, how does it feel to know that in these tough times your representatives are being not only fiscally irresponsible but actually spending time on matters that have nothing to do with their duties as your elected officials. One would think in a State that is going bankrupt that these people would be doing everything they could to work down the debt and to get the job market going. You’d think they would look at where they could save some money and try to get the State back into the black. But instead they are looking at causing even more financial heart ache. Stop blindly following they to the road to disaster. 10.5 billion dollars a year in your State is the cost of having illegals living there. That cost is going up not down. And once you get the drug cartels really intrenched in your State or in nearby Arizona your going to wish you had been better represented. 22,000 Mexicans have been murdered since 2006. All of them with only one mission in mind. Controlling the drugs coming into the USA. In the past month We have learned of at least one death on US soil from drug violence. A farmer walking his own land in Arizona. No one know how many more have died, but one is more than enough for me.

Let me say this very clearly. We, the people of the USA have every right to seek out and remove anyone who does not belong here. We have the right to protect our land and our jobs and or freedom. We have that right. Your government is sending mixed signals to all of us right now. And you and I have the right to make them stop. In NYC we tell people who see something or someone acting strangely to report it. But your elected officials are tell you not to do it. Your violating someone’s rights to do so. But what about your rights? Depending on where you live and how they want to act on suspicious behavior, we need to follow two different sets of rules? One Country, one set of laws. Either you belong here or you do not. You keep fighting for the people who are here illegally and give them protection under the law and when the drug cartels set up shop in Your town there will be no laws to stop them. Keep fighting for laws to protect illegals in Your State and when the Taliban arrives they will be living under the same protection.

I will agree this is a mess. One with no real easy solution. But until We can figure out what to do, there can be no sane reason to just allow more and more people into this country. And there is no reason in the world to ignore standing laws to remove anyone caught here illegally. Instead of Congress fighting over what a State can or should do, they should be working on the problem they created and finding a solution to this problem. As fast as LA passed a law to boycott Arizona , the Federal Government should pass a law to protect it’s people and start immediately patrolling and securing the borders of this country.

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