Posted on May 12, 2010


Gunmen open fire on a just-married couple and their guests in Ciudad Juarez, killing one person and kidnapping the groom, his brother and his uncle.

Later found dead in the back of a pickup truck with a fourth body who may or may not have been at the wedding.

Ciudad;  cartels fighting for territory control  and DRUG routes north, have killed 4,300 people since december 2006.

Director and seven guards from a prison arrested.

Two men found dead with a note on them warning everyone not to talk to the police , from the cartels.

In a town near the Texas Border, there was a gun battle with army soldiers and gun smugglers. The weapons found on the farm included, 124 rifles, 15 pistols, 69 grenades, 3 antitank rockets and 5000 rounds of ammo.

22,700 people are dead since 2006 because of there Drug problem.

This information is from one story. This and more is going on everyday JUST across the border from Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.

Where is all this CONFUSION about securing our border States coming from? In 2006 the Mexican Government started it’s fight with the drug cartels. Over 22 thousand people have been killed so far with no end in sight. The only CONFUSING thing is WHY hasn’t it be secured already.

With this much fighting and killing going on, right on the other side of our border and not having a strong military presence protecting our side is excusable. Add to this the cartels have been fighting all this time, with themselves and the government, to win the battle over the drug routes into this country. That makes it stupid and irresponsible.  Seal the Border now and stop this while there is still time to do so.

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