Democrats and the All Star Game

Posted on May 11, 2010


Seems 27 percent of the players in MLB are Latinos and Democrats feel that the All Star Game should not be played in Arizona. Funny how they would want to get involved in something like this. Putting pressure on MLB to change the location of the game because of Arizona’s new law just passed to protect themselves from illegal’s in this country. You’d think the Congress would have more pressing matters to deal with. But that would take leadership and working together to rebuild the economy. Or maybe if they wanted to get involved in something that is really non of their concern, they would want the game played there and use some of the proceeds from the game to pay back some of the families hurt by this influx of illegals. Maybe like money to go to the family of the farmer who was killed on his own land by illegals. But at least two people in Washington couldn’t care less about an American dying on American soil at the hands of illegals. Somehow you would have thought that as soon as that was reported that the Congress would have taken some very fast action to provide help and protection against something like that ever happening again.

But instead it seems Congress is more interested in getting involved in something that they have no business in and doing anything except the thing they were elected to do. Looking out for and protecting Americans. Why in this matter is everyone only seeing the civil rights of one involved party? Big surprise here for anyone who doesn’t know, the laws that are being used against you were written for YOU. I’m not looking for anyones rights as a human being be violated but the truth is if you take it backward to the lowest common denominator , someone was wrong and they are still in the wrong till things change. I’m very sorry to have to say this but getting caught by any means , fair or not, is still caught. You did something wrong and it does carry consequences. And you knew that from the beginning. You took the money, you ran the light, you dumped the oil. It doesn’t matter, you did it and you knew if you got caught you’d have to pay. This is a country of laws. If your new here you should know that. And if you do want to come back here to live, you should understand that.

We need to learn that it’s a good thing to stick up for Americans first. And as far as MLB is concerned , they should remember that it’s a game with fans and all of those fans pay there salaries. If I wanted to see politics I’d watch cable news. I’m watching baseball for now but when it becomes political , without merit , I’ll turn them off and unlike the strike year, I won’t come back. This is the National pastime, if that doesn’t sound like something all about Americans then maybe I need to turn it off from now.

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