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Posted on May 10, 2010


Someone wants the 5 kids from California to apologize? If that wasn’t so stupid it would almost be funny. If your listening, the economy is getting better, so they say. Except for every living person I know and everyone that they all know. This is a tough one. Should you buy into the numbers or believe what you see? I know it’s sometimes hard to trust what you see. Look at the Mexican stance on immigration, WE need to be more humane but they can do as the please with illegals coming into their country from South and Central America. Go ahead look it up. You will start to see things in a very different light. And what is the whole disfunction with closing Our border? This has to be the dumbest debate yet. It’s not negotiable , write your letters and emails to Washington and demand that they take care of now what they should have been doing all this time. The border needs to closed as of right now. Stop the drugs and the violence immediately. And for the record, We need to stop the flow of illegals right now and then turn our attention to what to do with the ones that are here.

And can Congress PLEASE stop spending?!!!  This is just getting crazy. They don’t care that they have nothing to spend. Debt piled on top debt and nobody cares. Even if things were getting better it wouldn’t make any sense. The fact that there not is lunacy. Now comes the climate change bill. What will this cost? But the funny thing is Americans have no jobs. Americans that are working and now getting back to work will make less than they did before. Which means less tax revenue for the Government. But still the spending goes on. No person would make less and spend more. But for the Federal Government, no problem.

And that oil rig. The fail safe device didn’t work. So at the very least they need to rename that thing. Left on there own , all business’s works the same. There is never any money to make it right from the beginning. But always money to fix what breaks. Now that we all understand what “fail safe” really means. Maybe it’s time to make sure there are at least two fail safe plans at every oil rig. Again , not one of those things that are up for debate. All those wells need to be fixed right now. At there cost. Gas stays the same price.

How many State’s have to be bankrupt before we all fall? And where does the money come from to say, bail out California? And then do it all over again next year. What will be different? No real job growth, price increases on everything they spend money on and the constant hemorrhaging of spending for people who shouldn’t even be in the State to begin with.

And the car bomber in NYC. He is a Terrorist. He should be treated as such and justice should be swift and severe. Same as it should be for anyone caught doing or planning the same types of actions against America or American Citizens. One thing we should get back to is a very simple policy on what happens to anyone who tries to do harm to us. Lets call this what it is. A war. And we need to win this war with swift and consistent action. We have rights in this country and in this case they DO NOT extend to anyone beyond these borders. They should not extend to people from this country who have clearly made a choice to do harm to the people or property of this Nation. By the very act itself they have given up those rights of protection by Our Constitution. They should be treated as what they are, enemy combatants, with different rules and there only right should be to swift and exacting justice.

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