Cinco de Mayo California Style

Posted on May 9, 2010


Which America do we live in? Land of the free and home of the brave or someplace where that doesn’t count for much anymore? Who would have thought that in your own country you could be sent home from school for wearing clothes that reflect America? Anyone who thinks this was a good decision  on someone’s part is missing the big picture. In a PC world where we all need to be more tolerant of others, why is it that Americans have to be the only ones playing this game? Somehow we have to cater to Mexicans but we don’t have to bend for anyone else. On St. Patrick’s Day are we, or were we sent home from school for not wearing green? On Columbus Day were we all forced to dress in something Italian? I really don’t remember anyone in my life time being sent home from school for wearing an American shirt on any of those days. We all have the right to choose in this country. We have the right to free speech and the absolute right to self expression. These are rights ALL Americans have. And if you want to live here we all need to play by the same rules.

Now it may seem like what these kids did was a poor choice but so is the celebration  of a non American holiday in a school setting. But more to the point would have to be that in this Country we all have rights. And people all need to understand that. The lesson learned here was that we cater to minorities and punish the others. If your going to live in this country you should at the least understand what your rights are and what rights all people have.

One thing I know for a certainty , I never thought in my life someone would be sent home from school for wearing the colors of this country. Nor would I ever think that anyone would be told to remove any clothing that honored the country of there origin. I see this whole thing as a total disregard of basic rights that make this country great. Those kids CIVIL RIGHTS were trampled on and someone should be made to pay for that. Where is the ACLU on this one? Or are they only concerned for foreigners rights when it comes to the American Constitution?

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