Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-IL

Posted on May 3, 2010


In a country of laws to protect every citizen is it asking to much for a Standing Member of the House to follow the letter of the law? Sadly, it is. When a person is elected to Congress we the people should expect no less then a person who lives and works with in the confines of established law. This is not at all unreasonable especially when that person swore an oath to uphold the laws of these United States.

What we have here is a person who not only went to a protest in Washington DC, he had all intentions of being arrested for a cause that seems to be near and dear to his heart. The plight of the Illegal Immigrants in this country. But like so many Americans he wants the law to change instantly for a select group but not necessarily for all Illegals in this country.

As a Congressman he should know better than the average citizen that laws are not made to cater to the few and exclude the others. Laws are designed and enacted for the good of all Americans. Would this Congressman also fight to pass a law designed to expedite the immediate citizenship with all the legal protections this government provides to people who have come to this country to do damage and harm to the USA. What gives him special powers to pick and choose who should get rights and who should not? You were elected to serve the people from your district. Not the people of Mexico or any other country. You were elected to congress to make law for the citizens of America, not to willfully break the law at your own discretion . If you feel you have the right as a Congressman to willfully break the law, what does that say to every American living here?

And when or if you get your way how will we decide who is a good or bad immigrant? YOU , who would not uphold your sworn duty to the constitution of the United States ? I hope not.

This is why the power to enact laws in this country are given to Congress and not to anyone with a pulse. Sometimes laws seen unfair to a select group, but most times, if they are discussed and agreed on by Congress,  they do serve the good of all people. A point obviously you have missed. You should be made to forfeit  your right to represent Any and All Americans in Congress, simply based on the fact of your willingness to go to jail for a cause that represents no legal American citizen. Or very simply put your willingness to break the laws of this country.

Will this big human rights campaign you have embarked on include rights for all illegals in this country? From any country? I’m sure North Korea or Tehran are eagerly waiting to see how far you get in this cause. Or have you forgotten that once a law is passed it applies to ALL people in this country? Fairly and Equally. And one big question I’d love to have answered by you is , are you also opposed to closing the border? Besides the drugs and the violence, the cartels and the not so honest one’s  who have murdered and robbed and raped Americas, should we also back down from that fight too. I’m guessing that is the plan because the law in Arizona is really only about that. Closing down the border. But as a Congressman you already knew that. Your just insisting on misleading the masses to get everything you want. But when Al Qaeda or worse starts  crossing the Mexican Border into the USA it will be to late to do anything to shut it down.

The immigration issue in this country needs to be addressed. The days of a nod and a wink are defiantly over. We need to resolve this issue and move forward. But the border issue should never be in question. The securing of our borders is a matter of National Security. There should be no delay on securing our borders. Knowing who is crossing our borders is good policy for our nations heath and well being. And this policy works well for all the people in question here that enter this Great Nation. How else will we be able to insure basic human rights as many are arguing if we don’t even know they are here. Or where they are working. Or what their heath status is. What is going to happen when a group of people enters illegally and spreads even the flu to everyone they come in contact with? The existing laws are there to protect Americans. And anything short of  vigorously enforcing those laws is bad business for all concerned.

And any standing member of Congress that thinks otherwise, should not be a member of the Congress of the United States of America.

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