The Boycott

Posted on May 1, 2010


Learned my lesson well here. Hollywood, Pro Sports, Big Business, Singers and Entertainers all are jumping on the band wagon to boycott the State of Arizona. Put enough financial pressure on the State and they will have no choice but to back down and repeal the law they just passed. Most of these people don’t even live there, and some don’t even live in the USA, but it is a solid approach to putting pressure on them to change the law.  But for standing up and using there high status in the world to make their point , I wish them well. Their actions speak volumes.

But all actions come with consequences and I’m hoping that they find this lesson out also. It’s simple, like I’ve said we all need to learn. Put simply I’m hoping the media covers this well and produces a list of all these parties involved. I can only hope others will follow me in boycotting every last one of them. I want to make sure that as an actor or a singer or even as a business you learn that your function is to provide goods and services   or to entertain. Not push your political views on people who have rights to protect themselves.

I will not support any of the aforementioned groups. I will stop buying products, and if need be turn off my radio and stop going to movies. I am just an American , I may not have your clout but one thing is sure. You have it because of me. And I will do my best to take that power away from you.

I am going to take my stand for Americans and for no one else. I hope that every decent American would stand with me on this. Take the NFL, that the Super Bowl game out of Arizona and I will stop watching and will stop supporting you. Coke wants to get involved that’s fine with me. I’ll start buying Pepsi and if it goes farther I’ll start drinking Tap Water Through a Filter. I’ll stop watching TV if I have to. I will end my support of you , plain and simple.

Until Federal law changes or we get taken over by some other country we have every right to defend OUR citizens and to protect this country’s borders. Nothing more needs to said about this. You keep putting your nose into this and WE will see who’s left standing. You are trying to change something very fundamental to this country. One person One vote. Before you try to use your Star power to rewrite OUR history, remember more people legally live here than do not. And we have a say also. Ours will be to BOYCOTT ALL OF YOU.

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