President Felipe Calderon

Posted on May 1, 2010


“My government cannot and will not remain indifferent when these kinds of policies go against human rights,”

That is a quote from the Mexican President about the new Arizona law that just was past. I’m guessing he knows all about human rights violations. After all it is his country that has seen more human fights violated in the past 3 years or so than almost any place on the planet. Personally, he should spend more time making his country safe and worry more about why so many people want to leave Mexico , then getting involved in the everyday business of a Foreign Government that has every right to protect it’s border.

And when it comes to human rights violations, maybe he should think about the fact that those words are real and cut both ways. Like in California, would he like to address that the State is going bankrupt and one of the biggest burdens on it’s people is the fact that so many of the people living there are Illegal Residents putting a drain on the resources of that state. 10.5 billion, yes BILLION, dollars every year is spent on their Illegal population. Money that would be much better spent on the people who live there legally.

And how about the fact that 80 percent of all the drugs in this country cross over the Mexican border every year. Is he only concerned about his own people and not really concerned with the rights, Human or other wise of the people of the United States. Think maybe because you don’t know about this maybe it’s not real. Here are two web sites you should look at and then decide on your own. First is, The second would be,

Now I think it’s about time we, meaning the United States stops playing around this issue and start listening to the will of the people. After all, it is our money that is being spent and because of that not available to us to use. Maybe this whole story flies with the uninformed but it does not hold water once you start to look at the facts. Ask your self two questions. If all these people are such good decent honest and hard working as we like to think, then why would Mexico want then to leave? You’d almost think that they would have the border patrolled and force them to go back home. But maybe it’s more sinister , maybe as he tells Us how to handle these people and what we should do with them , maybe he’s hopping all the drug cartels will hopefully sneak into this country and then he won’t have to deal with His real problem. If he was really concerned with Human Rights , he would want a country that has been so good to his and it’s people for so long , to stop all people crossing the border so the mess He has on his hands right now doesn’t spread to His good neighbor to the north.

But the only Human Rights He’s concerned with is Mexico’s, and to hell with the USA.

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