An America shame

Posted on April 28, 2010


Outrage. That is how most of us feel when it comes to some things in our world today. How we treat other people and how we want to help all those less fortunate. We want the people of Mexico to come here and live the dream. We want them to be hard working citizens who contribute to our society . We want them to have all the rights and freedoms we have. Even if we know they are not legally in this country. It makes us feel good to give away all we have to someone less fortunate . We argue and protest for all these people for the sake of being fair and being humane.

But what about the protests and the marches for the people living here in America. Poor people living here have nobody marching or protesting. And who is going to set up the big march for the homeless man in NYC who died on the street because nobody would call 911? But had he been a Illegal you can bet there would be people in the streets. Who in America is fighting for the man in Arizona who was killed on his own property by Illegals smuggling drugs into this country? So far nobody is outraged at about that. No one seems to care very much about the drug cartels setting up shop here and selling poison to  the Americans fighting for their rights to do so. We will fight long and hard to make sure someone on death row is really supposed to be there. We will fight and come out and protest when a prisoner is going to be executed. But there will be no march or show of strength for the family of the person who they killed. We can find it in our heart to forgive someone who has literally changed the world by taking another life or raping someone and spending time in prison and finding God. But we show very little compassion to even bother to remember who the victim was.

What has happened to us as people when we can no longer fight for the side of victims and stand on the side of what is right and just. For all the time spent on trying to save someone who has broken the law, has anyone even given a thought to the person who is no long here to put his or her say into this? In a world turned upside down I think it’s time to get back to the things that are honest and real. The things that make us human and the things we know are right.

If you brake the law there are consequences. The law is not set up nor should it be set up to figure out who is really a good person in their heart or not. It shouldn’t be concerned they you did all the wrong things for all the right reasons. The fact is the law needs to be equal for all. You sneak into this country and expect to be treated with all the rights afforded an American citizen, is simply absurd. Your very first act, of rubbing every Americans nose in the sand you crossed , is proof of the fact that you don’t deserve to have those rights. You sit in jail after taking someone’s life and you expect leniency because you found God. What of the life that is lost forever? That person could have saved the world. We’ll never know.

Where is the outrage for the people who live here? Who suffer here and watch everyday someone fighting for someone who doesn’t even belong in our society? Do you even Know the name of the farmer who was killed in Arizona? Or the homeless man in NYC? Or the countless other people who everyday live in a world filled with drugs and violence and have no hope of escaping?

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