Posted on April 27, 2010


Here we go again. Lets get all confused about what we’re talking about so the Government can get something they want. What they want is to make sure they’ll get reelected. Now what do you, as an American want?

I think it’s simple. You want your rights protected. Free speech, safe place to live, and on and on.

Forget for a minute what they want to sell you and think of this. Protecting that border, any border into this country is something that should take the full weight of the Government. This is of the utmost importance. With out YOUR Government protecting you from everything and anything, what do we have.  That’s right, one big frat party.

Forget if you will , all those good hard working people sneaking into Your country to make a better life. Think of it this way. 80% of all the drugs in this country cross over that border. If some under educated person can sneak over the border at will and get a job, couldn’t some terrorist do the same. Now back to the people and to you. How would you like someone entering your country and having a communicable disease? No one would be able to track them or find them . This sounds like a good thing to you?

This is why we have a border and we watch who crosses over it. And what do you want to say to all the people of , in this case, Mexico who have crossed over and did it legally? You should have never waited.

What does it say about a Government that would put the heath and welfare of it’s own people above those breaking the law to enter this country?

What about the farmer who was just killed on his own land by drug dealers crossing his land? Who will stand up for him? Or the women who are sold into prostitution and taken across the border. From both sides. Or the pot being grown on federal land by people forced to or there families will be killed back home?

Making sure the border is closed and patrolling it is what your Government should be doing. We have the right to know who is here and what they have brought into this country. We have the right to know if they are sick and will make any or all of us sick.

We also have the right to expect from our Government that WE are protected and the people who come here are protected. How do you protect people if you don’t know who they are or even if they are here?

They want you to believe that letting people, seeking a better life here, makes it OK for them to cross the border illegally. And they have every right to do so. They do not. It is bad for America and bad for them.

Don’t be confused. The border needs to be closed and monitored for OUR protection. It should have always been. It’s the law. We have that right. Letting good hard working people into this country is how we built the place into everything you see. This is America.

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