what’s wrong with america

Posted on April 24, 2010


Most of us are Democrats or Republicans . What we forgot is that we are first people with free will. And second that we are Americans.

We should take pride in the truth that we know what’s right and wrong and that we don’t need a political party to tell us anything. We know what’s right and what’s wrong. We know what’s good and what’s is not so good. But we hold onto being part of something bigger. A this or a that. Because we have forgotten we have a voice. No party necessary . And because of that WE all have a Government that does what it wants and makes us all fight amongst each other while they pass laws and line there pockets.

Stop being played by Washington. We all want immigrants to come here and contribute to this country. It’s how we became who we are. Nobody would argue this. But what we shouldn’t want is people entering this country illegally. We shouldn’t want this on so many levels that it is just to dumb to even discuss. So why is this such a big controversy.

We all wanted Health Care Reform. We all want Americans to have Health Care. But for all the fighting in Congress we wound up with neither.

When did we all lose the basic Common Sense that we were born with. Stop being lead down the road into the abyss by people who are not any wiser than you are. Think!!! Our boarders should be closed and nothing should cross over them unless we check it and then allow it to enter this country. You wouldn’t buy a home and spend your life fixing it only to remove the front door so anybody could come in and do as they pleased. Would you? Just as you shouldn’t have to have a full time second job just in case you should get sick.

We need change in this country. But not just any change. We need to find our collective Common Sense and use that to make the changes we need happen.

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